WordPress.Com vs WordPress.Org – Which is Better

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WordPress.Com vs WordPress.Org – Which is Better

WordPress.Com vs WordPress.Org – Which is Better: Every time I talk about website or blog creation, WordPress comes as the main reference. However, a question confuses the minds of many people: should you create a website or blog on WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

As much as both are WordPress, there are differences between the 2 that you must take into account at the time of creating your website or blog. That’s why I wrote this post so you know all of them. Come on?

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com  is an open source blog and website creation service. It is not necessary prior knowledge for a person to create a blog on this platform, basically, all she needs is:

  • create a name for the blog;
  • take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the WordPress platform (if it is your 1st blog);
  • choose the template for the blog.

So in 3 minutes, your blog is already on the air and you can start writing your content and promoting it so your audience can read it.

The Advantages of WordPress.com

Having a blog on WordPress.com has some advantages. The main ones that deserve to be highlighted are:

  • is totally free up to 3 ㎇ of space. If you need more, you need to pay around $ 50 a year for every 5 ㎇ extras or about $ 600 each year for every 100 ㎇;
  • WordPress backs up your blog regularly at no additional cost;
  • the configuration of the blog is very easy and intuitive, even for those who do not have much familiarity with blogs;
  • you become part of the WordPress network, which means that your blog can occasionally be viewed on the network in order to attract more visitors.

The disadvantages of WordPress.com

WordPress.Com vs WordPress.Org – Which is Better Despite the advantages mentioned, there are other points that must be placed in the balance, among which we highlight:

  • all free blogs and websites have ads. If you do not want them to appear, you need to pay around $ 30 a year;
  • in fact, you can not sell ads on your blog unless it receives 25,000 views every month. You can try the so-called ad control whose approval process has no cost, but the revenue has to be split in half with WordPress;
  • you can not use plugins to give the blog the features you want. If you want, you need to move your blog to the VIP program that costs around $ 3,000 per month;
  • the templates cannot be customized. That is, if you have chosen one that pleases you, it is with him that you should stay and nothing else can be changed. Unless you buy a   design upgrade that costs around $ 30 a year and allows you to make a few modifications – such as changing the colour of the site;
  • Google Analytics is a key tool to measure traffic to your site. However, in WordPress.com it can not be applied just like any other external analysis tool;
  • they can change your theme without your permission or even delete your blog if they consider that it violates the terms of service.

What is WordPress.org?

By  WordPress.org  you can host your blog or website. To do this, just download it and install it on your server.

However, unlike WordPress.com, here are some requirements you need:

  • technical knowledge. It does not have to be a programmer, but knowing a little HTML already helps;
  • familiarity with domain building, website hosting, and how to point to each other;
  • know the  dashboard  of WordPress and how to make it meet your needs;
  • know how to use templates and plugins to make your blog even more efficient.

The Advantages of WordPress.org

WordPress.Com vs WordPress.Org – Which is Better also has a number of advantages you should consider when choosing it.

  • it’s free and easy to use (once it’s already installed and configured);
  • you have full control of your blog or website. In addition, it will never be deleted by an internal decision that goes against the terms of services (provided nothing illegal is being done);
  • you can use as many plugins as you want to leave the blog just the way you want it;
  • in fact, you can also use custom templates and even modify the files if necessary;
  • if you want to monetize your blog with ads, you can insert banners anywhere;
  • Google Analytics and other external traffic analysis tools are allowed. There are even plugins in them so you can see the reports inside your dashboard.

The disadvantages of WordPress.org

Like any other website or blog, you must have a good hosting and this has a cost that can start at only $ 80.00 per year.

Do not be tempted to get a free server for your blog, because if any problem occurs, you will hardly be supported by using a free account.

  • You are the person in charge of updating WordPress, although this can be done in just one click;
  • backups are also your responsibility, but there are plugins that can do this for you;
  • you are also responsible for preventing spam. Therefore, it is important to activate  Akismet on your blog. Usually, it comes pre-installed on WordPress.org.

WordPress.com or WordPress.org: which one is the best for your blog?

It’s time to choose which one to use for your blog creation, and this will depend, above all, on the purpose you have.

WordPress.Com vs WordPress.Org – Which is Better If your intention is to have a personal blog with no focus on customization and monetization,  WordPress.com can serve you. On the other hand, if you want to make a  professional blog for your career or for your business, you should use  WordPress.org.

After all, let’s assume you want to make a professional blog and opt for WordPress.com. In the end, you’ll need to buy the domain with them, pay to remove the banners, buy a custom design, and still not have full control of your blog. Not worth it.

On the other hand, in WordPress.org, the costs for a beginning blog are the domain and server if you no longer have them. And the most important thing is that you will have total control of your blog in order to customize the template, insert plugins, among other options.

That’s why we recommend everyone who wishes to have a professional blog to opt for WordPress.org. But the choice between one and another who does is you.