9+ Best WordPress Advertise Managing Plugins

WordPress advertise managing plugins

WordPress advertise managing plugins. Once your blog is gaining popularity and attracting a certain amount of traffic, it’s time to think about advertising .

For placement of advertisements in the sidebar is enough built-in widget WordPress, in which you can place the appropriate link code. If you plan to use only AdSense , then you can use specially optimized for this service plug-ins. If you want to experiment using different providers of advertising content and trying out various layouts and sizes of advertising banners, then read this review carefully. In it, we’ll tell you about the 9+ best WordPress advertise managing plugins.

WordPress Advertise Managing Plugins


This free WordPress advertise managing plugins not only makes it easy to manage the location and visibility of banner ads . He is able to perform a huge number of other activities, such as adding Google analytics or other analytical scripts, managing banners based on the geographic location of the visitor, adding banners directly to the WordPress theme used, etc.

By the way, about posting. You can place a banner in headers or footers(upper and lower), in the sidebar, in the body of the message. And in the latter case, too, there are several options – at the beginning, at the end of the main material and even in the middle (the plug-in itself determines the insertion point thanks to a very intelligent algorithm).

This WordPress advertise managing plugins is very easy to manage and operate Рthanks to a well-optimized algorithm it has almost no effect on site performance.

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Insert Post Ads

A very simple WordPress advertise managing plugins from the well-known developer WPBeginner to place the banner directly in the body of the article . This technique is considered very effective, because it provides a large number of views.

The location of the banner is indicated relative to the paragraph (for example, after the second one) and you do not need to do this for each material – the plugin will do it automatically.

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A free WordPress advertise managing plugins that not only controls the display of banners on the pages of a site or blog and ensures their rotation . In addition, it supports contextual grouping of advertisements and geo-targeting .

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WP PRO Advertising System

A distinctive feature of the WP PRO Advertising System is the wide variety of containers for advertising banners – in headers, in the message text, in the form of a corner at the top of the page, pop-up modal windows and generally in any place you want. You can even fill the page with an advertising image.

With the help of a special add-on to this plugin, you can also organize sales of advertising material.

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This simple WordPress advertise managing plugins simply adds a banner ad size 125×125 to the page using a special widget. Why exactly 125×125? Yes, because this is the most popular size of an advertising banner. The plugin keeps statistics on the number of clicks and can track the duration of the show by sending a notification to the specified e-mail a few days before the end of the show.

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Foobar – WordPress Notification Bars

We’ve already talked about Foobar in one of the recent reviews on plugins for displaying notifications. It is able to display various information in headers, so why this information can not be an advertisement? Moreover, you can assign different panels to different pages and generally completely manage this process.

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This WordPress advertise managing plugins also applies to notification panels and, accordingly, can be used to display banner ads. You can configure the plugin so that it installs cookies and does not appear when you re-visit the page. The appearance also depends entirely on you – the color and size of the font, background, transparency, etc.

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Ad Injection

A powerful and functional plug-in that allows you to add advertising material from Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, ClickBank, TradeDoubler and other providers. Placements are very diverse – headers, side panels, various places in the body of the message and on the site page.

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