40 Best Free WordPress Business Themes


 Best 40 Free WordPress Business Themes

Free WordPress Business Themes list, which makes your startup business to next level. When you decide that you want to build a website for your business, you can have a number of routes. First, you can follow a path that involves the use of ready-made website services where you drag and drop various components into place. Or, you may want to hire a designer to build a website for you from scratch. Yet another option is to build a WordPress site using a free, business-driven theme.

Business topics, even the free ones, can be incredibly professional and work hard on your behalf to differentiate your business. Of course, not all themes are created equal, which is why we chose the 37 best free WordPress themes for your business. Browse the 37 free themes below, and so you can make a smart selection about which is right for your company.

If you have some space in your budget for a Premium theme, you will definitely want to check out our list of the  63 premium Premium themes for your business.

But if free is what you need, you have come to the right place. Please keep reading to absorb our top 35 WordPress business themes!

1 –  Sydney

free wordpress business themes

AThemes is the company behind the Sydney theme. The free WordPress theme is highly rated, agile and powerful enough to help businesses quickly build an effective online presence. Use customization options such as Google fonts and colour control. Keep your website branded correctly with a fast upload logo, and push customers to your most important content using the full-screen slider.

The main feature is the ready translation nature of the theme, showing that you can reach anyone around the world. First-page blocks allow you to move around components on the home page, designing the ideal target area for your online customers. parallax funds grab attention and social integration tools push users to follow it on sites like Twitter and Facebook.


2 –  Astrid

free business themes for wordpress astrid

The Astrid WordPress theme comes straight from AThemes. We are really excited about the potential for Webmasters to turn it into something special since it has a new way of building pages that you usually have to pay for. The goal is to quickly generate a beautiful business website, and Astrid helps with that by providing all the logo, font, colour, and widget settings you need. The header image is a featured feature because it takes up most of the screen, and you get text overlay and buttons. These are ideal for placing calls to action on your homepage and for pushing people to other parts of your site. The page building system blends well with the various widgets, allowing you to generate unique business website designs within minutes. The blog is customized on the back end,

The Astrid theme is completely responsive, meaning that anyone can open a cell phone or tablet and still see its content. Along with this, you gain access to translation files, extending your reach to people who may not speak your language. WooCommerce support comes along with the Astrid theme, coming into play for companies that would like to start selling physical or digital products online. Basically, you just activate the plugin, upload some products and start collecting payments from customers. This is a free theme, but you have the option to upgrade to a richer paid theme in features. Regardless, you get a premium feature bout with the free version, to give it a try and let us know what you think.


3 – Moesia


When running a business, having a compelling web presence is really important. Moesia by aThemes offers this and more by providing an easy and convenient way to develop a website to suit your purposes. It includes 11 pre-defined blocks that you can customize to create a homepage that fits your business. These blocks include your own color settings and parallax backgrounds so you can customize to your heart’s content.

This theme also comes with Google fonts, various blog layouts, animations, a parallax header, a panel of highly usable theme options, responsive design, custom widgets, social icons and more.


4 –  Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite is a one-page theme that offers a combination of simplicity and sophistication for business websites around the world. I could easily see this theme being used for web agencies, companies or creative companies. It can even work as a portfolio for a creative business. Regardless of what you choose to use it for, this theme offers plenty of features to keep things interesting.

It offers SEO optimization and features W3C markup validation code. This theme is also cross-browser compatible and has been deigned to work with WooCommerce, WPML, and RTL.


5 –  MediaPhase


The MediaPhase WordPress theme offers a remarkable layout that is totally free for your business needs. 40 Best Free WordPress Business Themes The theme has responsive elements for viewing on mobile devices, and provides a theme customizer for those who are not interested in touching any code. The customizer stays in the back-end of your WordPress site, and offers a drag-and-drop interface to quickly design your pages. This is a theme compatible with WooCommerce as well, enabling you to sell physical and digital items online. Basically, all you have to do is install the plugin, list some products and turn on your payment processor. MediaPhase also fits well with the bbPress plugin, helping you develop a community. The bbPress plugin generates a forum on your site, leaving you with a wonderful place to interact with your customers and solve problems. The multiple initial pages turn the design process into something easy while the various blog layouts ensure that customers see variety on your website.

Many of the features packaged for the MediaPhase theme are a few that you usually find premium solutions. For example, the slider is ready for your customizations, since you can change around animations, upload high-resolution images, and implement text overlay and buttons. This is ideal for inserting the call to stocks if you are thinking of selling something. You will also find a top search bar to give users a way to find great content after landing on your page. The social media buttons are useful, and all your contact information is listed at the top of the site, even when users land on your site on mobile devices. Along with a Meet the staff area to talk about their workers,


6 –  Pixova Lite ‘

If you are ready to take your business to the next level but you do not want to spend a lot of money on your site, the Pixova Lite theme serves as an impressive solution to your online business needs. Best 40 Free WordPress Business Themes Getting started, anyone can view their content from mobile devices because the Pixova Lite theme has response elements that snap into place when it detects a smaller device. You also get access to translation tools, which come in handy for companies that would like to expand to other countries where people speak different languages. In addition, the Pixova Lite theme has the tools for integration with WooCommerce, which is a WordPress plugin for uploading your own products, selling items and collecting customer payments.

Several social media buttons come along with your download, and the footer is ready for you to put the widgets for things like posts, about us information and more. Keep in touch with your customers through the contact form, and use the team area to reveal pictures and links to information about your team members. The blog is a big part of the Pixova Lite theme because it has a nice module of recent posts that you can put on your homepage, and is designed to improve the way search engines view your company. Along with testimonials and a solid portfolio section, you can integrate with a wide variety of plugins to take your business to the next level. Not to mention,


7 – Parallax One

The Parallax Theme A WordPress is a completely free solution that comes with a beautiful parallax background, which brings attention and prevents your website from slowing down too much. The pairs of responsiveness well with the parallax features, since it works well on all devices, and you do not have to worry about the growing trend of people accessing your information through mobile devices. The location is an option with the Parallax A theme, considering it is wise to reach out to these people who may not speak English as their first language. You’ll also receive unlimited color choices and a module that features the latest articles from your blog. Be easily contacted through the contact area, and see how a Google map appears to guide people to your brick and mortar stores.

The header area is the main place where you will find some parallax effects, and looks nice with overlapping text and buttons, which work well to push people to other pages to make sales and article prompt views. You can also find another parallax module with the call to action buttons and text, paired with several other lines for things like testimonials, team members profiles and service explanations.  Several social media buttons are included to build your platforms, and you will find a beautiful place to highlight your past clients with logos and links to the jobs you put in for them.


8 – Vantage


If you’re looking for a theme that offers maximum flexibility, Vantage is the perfect choice. Not only is it a multi-purpose theme from the get-go, it also offers complete integration with Page Creator and a multitude of high quality plugins so you can achieve the shape and function of the location of your dreams.

40 Best Free WordPress Business Themes The theme comes with multiple package widgets so you have real control over every page you create in Page Builder. It also comes integrated with MetaSlider and WooCommerce. Other great themed features include responsive design, retina-readiness, and more. And the best part is that you can wear what you want and ignore what you do not, ensuring you always walk with precision to the location you need.


9 – Enigma

Enigma was built on Bootstrap, so you know it contains a clean, accurate code that makes for a highly streamlined website. It is sensitive and can be used for just about any type of business. It is highly functional on any device and is cross-browser compatible, so that it looks exactly as the developers intended, always.

This theme is retina-ready, includes 4-page layouts, 2-page templates, 5 widgets, and more. It also includes a custom Flickr widget to display your photos and galleries, and supports custom menus so you can create the best navigation system for your business website. Other features include social links, a slider, a panel of options complete theme, a wide layout option, light and dark skin options, and more.


10 – Ward

Well, is not this a clean and functional theme? Ward offers a compelling way to present your business to the world without having to shell out a penny on website design. The website itself is built in HTML5, Bootstrap, Compass, and SASS and is totally responsive so it will look like you want it from any device. It also uses the Gridiculous cliché, so you know it’s lightweight and optimized for speed.

Thanks to a panel of full theme options, you can customize page layouts, website width, backgrounds, colors, fonts and more. It also includes support for eight different post formats and is designed to be compatible with BuddyPress and bbPress. It includes support for Google Fonts as well. And I mean, just look at how simple it is. This theme is a head spinner, to be sure.


11 – Typal

There is nothing about Typal that is fancy or over-the-top-and that is precisely why I like it so much. It is not about embedding as many features as possible, or enticing site visitors with a ton of bells and whistles. No, this sensitive topic is about simplicity and providing a web presence that is attractive and functional.

Although it’s simple, you can still customize a bit of this theme. It includes a panel of theme options through which you can customize the background, logo, headers, and more. You can also create up to 3 different custom menus, and use a variety of mail formats to suit your needs. Other features include a “box of emphasis” to create a call to action and 5 widgetized areas.


12 – ZeeNoble


Now here is a perfect theme for all companies. zeeNoble is a sensitive theme that looks great on any device, from desktops to smartphones. There is a first page template in which you can add a variety of widgets depending on your current needs. It also has a content slideshow so you can show your latest posts, work or services.

The theme options panel allows you to customize things like colors, sidebar layout, and logos along with more conventional meals like widgets, backgrounds, custom headers and menus. Oh, and it supports featured images, too. After all, a solid theme for entrepreneurs everywhere.


13 – Adamos

40 Best Free WordPress Business Themes Here is another corporate-centric business theme that offers a compelling layout and design but can be customized to suit any number of purposes. It includes a full width layout that can be modified to fit the look you are going for. And you can do this thanks to a panel of highly useful theme options. With it, you can change your site logo, header, featured areas, highlight slider, widgets, and more.

I could easily see this theme being used for an architecture firm or a cool site. With a little tweaking, anything is possible here. It is also WPML compatible. Score!


14 – Intuition

Talk about a breath of fresh air! Intuition by CPO Themes is a beautiful addition to this theme collection. It was designed to make your content showcase better or more simple and straightforward projects. Not only does it have an animated top slider up, it also includes featured content blocks for displaying your latest posts or having it.

This theme is responsive, retina-ready, and is designed to work with some of the best plugins currently out there including Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, and WPML. Change it, change it up, and do what you need to do. This theme can handle this.


15 – MultiPurpose

It’s all in the name, is not it? Multipurpose can really be used for just about any type of website. But if you are pursuing the business angle, it will be especially beneficial to you. Because? For starters, it includes a drag-and-drop page layout builder that you can use for the homepage. Yes, you can create exactly the type of website you want with just a few clicks.

Other features include use SEO, a Bootstrap framework, 3 page templates, custom backgrounds, unlimited color schemes and more. The sky’s the limit here, folks!


16 – RestImpo

RestImpo exudes class by all pores. This theme is versatile and can be used for anything, especially if your business needs to broadcast a professional persona. It is agile, and includes an abundance of resources to keep even demanding business owners completely satisfied.

For example, you have the option to select from 220 Google fonts, 6 preset color schemes, a variety of custom widgets, 2 menu areas, social icons and more. It also works well with WooCommerce and is available in several languages including Czech, German, Russian and Spanish.


17 – Asteria Lite

Asteria Lite is a beautiful free theme that offers an elegant view on the business website. It is sensitive and includes a slider to with your best or latest content. Choose from narrow or wide layouts and choose from three different page templates to find something that best suits your needs. Create a custom website logo using more than 600 fonts, add a gallery, enable maintenance mode, and more.

The theme is built for SEO, is the translation ready, and includes support for WooCommerce and Contact Form 7. When all is said and done, this theme can be used for just about any type of business and is sure to add a touch of class to your web presence.


18 – Invert Lite


This theme is all business and not afraid to show it. But this is a decidedly good thing when you are looking for a free theme that makes it obvious that you know how to get the job done, no matter what that job might be. Inverter Lite is responsive and full of customization options, so it’s easy to establish your own logo, color scheme and fonts in a matter of seconds.

It also comes with custom page templates, parallax effects, social icons and links, a call-to-action section, a featured text section, and more. It is also SEO optimized so that your website will actually be found once it goes live, too.


19 – Corpbiz

It’s right there in the name, is not it? The Corpbiz theme is intended for use on corporate and business websites. But what I like is how it manages to have that look totally professional without going at all like all or Irritated. No, it has some style to back up that professional air, which is much appreciated.

The page templates are beautiful, some of which are full of width, and there is even a portfolio section included so you can be sure you have a place to characterize your best work. Finally, Corpbiz works with WooCommerce so you can easily extend the functionality in the e-commerce space if you would like.


20 – Customizr

The Customizr WordPress theme is a popular free option for businesses of all sizes. Responsive design works well on all browsers, and it comes with a well-documented code for your personalization pleasure. More advanced webmasters can extend the usability of the theme with various hooks. Upload your logo within seconds, and include multiple photos in the versatile bar.

You can also integrate the Customizr theme with WooCommerce to monetize the website, and bbPress compatibility works well to create a forum and build your own community. Add links to your social media pages, embed sliders with any post on your site, and even make live changes to your site without having to put up a “under construction” page.


21 – Biznez Lite

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple and Biznez Lite allows you to do just that. This sensitive theme is minimal and designed to make it easy to set up a business website with just a few steps. It includes a panel of administrator options for easy modifications and allows you to create a portfolio in real time if you want.

Some of your customization options include a custom logo, favicon, social links, RSS feed, copyright text, and more. It also allows you to define selected images and includes support for a multitude of widgetized areas, so you’re sure to be able to display the features and information you want, wherever you want.


22 – Busiprof


The Busiprof theme is simple and straightforward, which may be exactly what your website needs the company. It includes two page templates to choose from, a simple top-slider top to feature your most recent content, and a services section to highlight just what it is you offer.

It also comes with support for custom widgets as well as a widgetized footer, so you can be sure to include the content you want, wherever you want. You can also easily add a blog to help even more get your message across.


23 – ZeeFocus

zeeFocus is a corporate theme that offers a pop of color to keep things interesting. It was designed to capture the attention and it does just that thanks to reliable HTML5 and CSS3 coding and a responsive layout that looks good from any device.

Some of the features included cover such things as a large custom header, a horizontal Widget area, and a call to action button that can be offset by some promotional flavor text. The theme options panel is extremely useful as well and allows you to select from 8 color schemes, a left or right sidebar, a custom logo, custom backgrounds, custom menus, and more.


24 – Business Pro


This theme is undoubtedly professional and looks good to boot. It includes many customization options without overloading you. For example, by using the theme customizer, you can modify the logo, highlighted text, featured images, and slider images with just a few clicks.

It also includes a couple of page templates to make choosing the look of your site a snap, including a layout with a left sidebar and a full width layout. The choice is yours, but the great thing here is that every choice available is a good one.


25 – Heavenly


Professional, simple, and totally attractive, Heavenly is a sensitive theme that makes building site a snap. It’s built on Bootstrap, so you know it’s reliable, and comes with unlimited color schemes and SEO optimization so it will look good and work well.

This theme is fairly simple to set up but includes plenty of customization options to keep more experienced developers interested like three built-in page templates, custom homepage settings and custom background support. Change, blend, and see what you end up going away with. The end result is bound to be totally effective.


26 – Road Fighter

The Road Fighter theme from InkThemes has a bit of a weird name for your super serene image, but who am I to judge? All I know is my first glance on this subject put me at ease.  40 Best Free WordPress Business Themes It gives you ample space to feature stunning photography, which is so important nowadays to give your website distinctive features.

There are plenty of customization options as well. Choose a custom logo, input text and backgrounds. Use the five different widgetized areas to add custom content wherever you’d like. You can even use Visual Editor to make changes look at your site on the fly. Other features included in Road Fighter include featured images, special styles and a fully customizable home page. All in all, it’s very good.


27 – Edin


Honestly, you really can not go wrong with a theme developed by the creators of WordPress itself, Automattic. Edin is all business and this is definitely a good thing when you are in search of a free professional theme that gives your company a modern edge. Big, bold appearance sits upon, what you can superimpose with introductory text and a nice call-to-action button.

This theme is also responsive and comes with a customizable front page template, network page template, full width template, and an alternate sidebar page template. Edin comes with custom two header menus, a custom menu’s footer, social icons, and more theme options that you’ll know what to do with your eager fingertips in Customizer.


28 – Elisium

Here is another great looking theme you can easily use for your business website. It is clean, simple and totally ready to be used for any corporate style website. It has two styles of a blog page and a page presentation and is responsive so you can be sure that the important details about your business will be visible and usable by anyone looking at it on any device.

Customize the menus and colors, add custom images, text and buttons to the homepage slider, and use the theme customizer to change the information that you display on the home page. Oh, and you can plug in your social accounts too, which I’m sure everyone knows is really important nowadays.


29 – PepBiz

The PepBiz theme will show that you can have a business website without making it annoying. In fact, it is extremely functional and makes it super easy for your customers or potential customers to find the information they are looking for. This sensitive theme looks good from any device and includes a bar at the top to make highlighting your best content or most important information easy.

Using the built-in theme options panel, you can customize a wide variety of aspects of the site including your logo, colors, social networking links and more. Oh, and it’s cross-browser compatible, too.


30 – Boot

Boot is another simple theme that can be used for professional purposes with relative ease. Not only is it enjoyable to look at, it is also extremely useful and makes organizing your content a breeze.

Using the theme options panel, you can quickly set up this theme with minimal fuss. Customize the site logo, header, background image, highlighted text areas, and social media links in a matter of minutes. It comes with several templates to choose from, and features an agile design so that your content will always look good. Boot is WPML compatible.

31 – Virtue

The theme theme of Kadence Themes is super flexible and the perfect way to highlight the best work of your company. The design is modern, flat and minimal, making it relevant in today’s design environment. It’s built on Bootstrap, so you know it’s sensitive and reliable. And it is compatible with WooCommerce, so you can even start an online store if you want.

The theme options panel makes customization a snap. Make changes to things like the layout of the homepage, the content that is featured in sliders, and which fonts are used. I can see this theme being used by a creative company of some kind, especially since it includes a wallet section.


32 – Klasik

If you need to get a website quickly, Klasik is a good choice of theme. You can use it for a multitude of purposes from business websites to blogs because it is basically a startup theme that works as a framework for whatever type of website you want to build.

Best 40 Free WordPress Business Themes This theme includes 12 custom widgets and 6 widgetized areas so you can easily include the content you want, wherever you want.

The theme options panel is surprisingly robust and allows you to customize things like logos, fonts, colors and more. It comes with SEO support and works with amazing source icons. Klasik also works with WPML and WooCommerce.


33 – ButterBelly


Want something a little more elegant for your business website? Then the ButterBelly theme is a good choice. It has a full width layout that can be used to display the stunning photography that creates a immersion experience for website visitors. It includes five widgetized areas that you can load with custom content and support for featured images.

The Visual Editor can be easily used to select from special post styles as well as full width and gallery options. A page template of a column is also included that removes the sidebar completely. Feel free to customize the logos, text and backgrounds, however, you’d like.


34 – Tonic


Tonic is a daring theme in your face that I can not help but love. Not only is it agile and built in HTML5, it’s also based on the Gridiculous cliché and is generally quite lightweight, which means it loads fast and gives the user a pleasant experience. The theme options panel allows for plenty of customization as well. Add a custom logo, header or background. You can also customize the page layout and width of the site to suit your needs.

It comes with 8 different post formats and supports the jQuery Jetpack carousel for gallery viewing. It is compatible with BuddyPress, bbPress and Google Fonts, too. Tonic was built on Bootstrap, Compass, and SASS, so reliability is the name of the game here.


35 – Koenda


Koenda is perfect for business websites, but keeps enough of a creative twist to work totally for personal or creative websites, too. This theme is users for mobile respond always see what you intended to see, and includes several sidebar layout options, so for sure you come across a look that works for you both aesthetically and functionally.

This theme also comes with various blog layout options, a sidebar manager, a sitemap and more. And it is cross-browser compatible, to boot. Kolenda looks great and is easy to customize. I mean, really, what more could you ask for?


36 – Rambo


Keep her professional, keep her business cunning with the Rambo theme. Not only do they allow you to present bold and large photo on the home page, it also offers support icon text areas that point to specific pages of your website (services, wallet, contact, etc.).

This theme comes with two different page templates to support a single homepage and a blog. It also comes with support for WooCommerce so if you have ever had the desire to create a fast online store, you will have a way to incorporate that directly into your website.


37 –  Nictitate

This header image says “Beautiful”, and this theme really is. Blink is an agile business theme that is perfect for corporate and wallet sites alike. It offers a flexible layout that you can customize on the fly. In fact, you can modify the layout of individual pages of your site thanks to the layout manager KOPATHEME.

It comes with custom widgets that can be used in just about any space you want thanks to the unlimited sidebar. The design itself is clean and visually appealing. It is very much like a business website, but it manages to exude a professional quality, without coming across as indigestible.


38 – AccessPress Lite

AccessPress Lite is versatile and boy does not live up to that reputation! This theme is sensitive and can be used for any type of professional website you can imagine. Although it is a free theme, it is loaded with features that you are more likely to see with premium options like various portfolio layouts, event, blog, gallery and witness pages. It also supports high-quality messaging and includes social media buttons, a full-width slider, a team member slider, and a quick contact form.

This theme is also compatible with many other tools and features like bbPress, WooCommerce, SEO, RTL, and various browsers. It has been translated into several other languages and already includes even high-quality customer support for anyone who needs a little help for their website off the ground.