Best WordPress Social Locker Plugins

WordPress social locker plugins

WordPress social locker plugins. The so-called social lock is a very powerful tool for promotion and promotion of a website or blog. The effect of this tool is that the material can not be viewed until the visitor shares a link to it in their account on the social network or informs their email address. Do you think this will scare off the reader? Not at all! If the material is really useful and interesting, then why not share it? And the quality of the material depends entirely on you.

On the other hand, you get a huge increase in popularity, an increase in traffic and ranking in the search engines due to such, in general, unobtrusive advertising.

WordPress Social Locker Plugins

OnePress Social Locker

OnePress Social Locker is a free , but very high-quality social lock that promotes the distribution of your content due to the fact that subscribers should share a link to it on Vkontakte , Twitter or Facebook to be able to read in full.

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Real Content Locker

This free WordPress social locker plugins is capable of attracting significant traffic to your blog, blocking the necessary materials and opening access only after the publication of the link in one of the social networks.

From you you only need to publish high-quality interesting material that will be in demand.

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Bloom Plugin

One of the best WordPress plugins for opt-in subscription to mailing lists has a social lock, which together with other tools allows you to significantly increase the database of your subscribers.

As you know, ElegantThemes distributes its themes in the bundle and you will get access to this plugin along with 87 themes and the Monarch social sharing plugin . The Bloom Plugin is designed to collect email addresses of subscribers, while Monarch specializes in the distribution of links in social networks.

In general, Bloom is a wonderful WordPress social locker plugins that will significantly increase the number of subscribers by providing a simple and understandable subscription mechanism to the visitor with an attractive modern interface.

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Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin

A quality and very effective social lock , which play a decisive role in the success and popularity of your blog. This WordPress social locker plugins has the support of social.

Eight different themes, beautiful stylish social networking icons and a wide selection of the location of the widget – above or below the actual material, in a pop-up window or sidebar. Only you completely determine the appearance and position of the widget.

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Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

Premium WordPress social locker plugins that will give access to the material only to subscribed users. Increasing the number of subscribers will significantly increase the traffic to your site and, accordingly, will increase your income.

The widget can be placed anywhere on the page, and the collected e-mail can be exported using the CSV format. However, the export may not be necessary, since the WordPress social locker plugins supports such mail services as MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi, Benchmark, Sendy and MyMail. You can immediately use them to organize mailings.

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Social Traffic Pop for WordPress

Very friendly to the reader social lock . In the sense that you can give the visitor a choice – either close the modal window by sharing a link to your material or just close it by pressing a key or a button on the form. The degree of commitment is determined only by you.

In addition, Social Traffic Top has a special adaptation to mobile devices.

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Social WordPress Locker

An interesting feature of social WordPress Locker is its transparency for search bots – it allows search engines to index the material without hindrance , but blocks its display if it determines that the visitor is a person.
You can block both selective content and the blog as a whole.

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WordPress Like Locker

This is a very easy-to-use WordPress social locker plugins, but it can dramatically increase traffic to your blog, by spreading information to Facebook. To achieve this, it blocks the specified content and gives access only after it receives a friend from the visitor. “More hounds = More traffic = More money” – this is the slogan of this plugin. In addition, the plugin is reasonable enough – it tracks the IP address of the visitor and on repeat visits does not ask to perform the specific actions again.

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Super Social Content Locker

An easy-to-use WordPress social locker plugins that stimulates your blog’s visitors to advertise it. The most interesting materials available only to those who share a link in social networks, view an advertisement or video .

So, the widget can be placed on the sidebar or anywhere on the page using a shortcode.

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