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How to Start a Website: Step by Step Guide for Beginners (2019)


How to Start a Website as a Beginners 2019 is too hard & Blogging is a Modern Term to Make Money Online. Blog or Website setup is a systematic process depend on your passion. In the given paragraph the whole process depends on a few steps.start-a-website

What is Website?

A website is online activities on the Internet towards an individual or Person. It’s easy to access all over the World. Modern Technologies depend on the Internet. Lets Start? How to create a Blog or Website.

Why you start a Website 2019

Initially, Blogging a passion of New Generation towards Knowledge Sharing purpose Only but its now very expanding all over the world. There is a different kind of reason in every individual or Bussiness person.

Explore yourself to the world: Highly introduce yourself to the world very easily. Do you have a Comment or Story? Would you express any kind of knowledge in the world like something New to the world? Okay, the chance to share your story to the world? Begin to Start a Website now.

Meet new people like you: It will cause you to meet new individuals like you. Individuals who come to peruse your considerations or Website they are presumably comparable disapproved to you. Have a Questions How to Start a website?

Make Money Online

Make Money Online: It encourages you to profit towards Make Money Online. Truly, it is valid! Google Adsense & Affiliate Marketing is the live Evidence. Your Website, it pays you back. To enter this world you require next to no endeavours. Nothing to lose. Nowadays Blogging is a Career in 2019.

Be an Author: It help be a creator & Nice Author. Bloggers turn into a fruitful creator through Website. Online Author Writer Make Money Online by doing and creating an Article or Story. Ats a career in 2019.

WordPress Speed Optimized

Extend your business: A Website makes you an effective agent with little expenses. You can expound on your items to build offers. Start a Website is a better option onwards in Articles.

Writing Passion: On the off chance that you compose stories or sonnets or get a kick out of the chance to energize individuals with your contemplations get it done. A Blog is the best place.

The 7 Basic Steps to start a Website

  1. Find You Website Topic & Interest.
  2. Select SEO Optimize Domain.
  3. Find a Good Hosting Company.
  4. Design Your Website.
  5. Start Blogging

Step-1: Find You WebsiteTopic & Interest

There are hundreds of Topic of Website over the web. Individuals love blogging in various ways. To choose your blog subjects you should centre around your leisure activities.

You are a Tech Geek?

Make a Website regarding Tech Website. Help people groups to know different sorts of innovations you utilize. You can surveys different sorts of items too.

Are You Traveller?

Start a Travel Website. Individuals who jump at the chance to travel will love sightseeing Website. Recount your accounts of voyaging.

You are a Doctor Website

Start a Website about Health. Help individuals to discover wellbeing tips through your Website. It will make you more renowned professionally.

You Are a Musician Website:

It is safe to say that you are an essayist or you get a kick out of the chance to compose stories or lyrics? To begin a Website about your compositions. A huge number of individuals will love writing. They will peruse your blog.

Books or books Website:

Create A Website today about your considerations of a few books. Compose a survey of books you read. Love to peruse audits to purchase.

Teacher Website:

Begin a form Website. Ordinary a substantial number of individuals love to peruse mould blog. It will make you well known by and by and professionally.

Legal Advisor Website:

The time has come to begin an instructional exercise Website. A large number of understudies get a kick out of the chance to look through their issues on the web. An Instructional exercise blog to encourage them.

You are a designer Website?

About your designing exchange. Expand issues of designing you confronted.

Cooking Website?

It is an extraordinary time to start a Website. You will see a huge number of individuals love to peruse your blog.

Business Website:

About your business and items. Skewered the words, contact more individuals and make more income.

Step-2: Select SEO Optimize Domain

Select your WebsiteTopic Relate Domain Name that called exact match Domain Name. Google Search Engine and Other Search Engin Highly recommend on it. You should ponder your blog at that point pick fitting word for your area name. Attempt to put your fundamental watchword in your space name. Mean If you need to begin a tech blog at that point attempt to utilize “tech” in your space name. Here are some helpful advisers for picking a space name.

Tips to Select a domain name?

  • Your domain name Make simple. Long domain or address individuals can’t recollect!
  • Your domain name coordinates your Website subjects.
  • Despite the fact that this isn’t prescribed. You can utilize your name moreover. Your name is sufficient for this.
  • You can utilize numbers in your Website address. That won’t be influencing your Website rank. In any case, the number should be very much put.
  • Comprehend the expansion. Which one is beneficial for you? .com or .in or .organization? .com is a business reason, it targets overall individuals. It is an elusive important catchphrase name with .com augmentation. .organization is for association, .net is for system, .data is for data. In any case, you can pick any of them on the off chance that you focusing on an overall crowd. In the event that you’re focusing on individuals in India, at that point pick .in domain.
  • By chance, you can’t discover the name you need, simply run with your name.

Step-3: Find a Good Hosting

If you search on the Web Hosting especially on Google Search Engine. Thousands of web hosting companies are Available on the Internet.

How to find a good Hosting Provider?

  • They have a good support team. Because support is the most important thing when you facing a problem with your website.
  • They provide good uptimes. 99.9% uptime is required but it would be better if someone provides 99.99% uptime. Mean your website is always up.
  • They do not hide you about the products.
  • They will provide almost everything you need. Mean if you need web design or SSL for your website, they have that ability to provide you.
  • They must have the capacity to provide service when your website grows.
  • They have a backup system. Many web hosting charge for backups.
  • They must use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) over their website. Mean they must use https:// instead of http://. Because https:// is, secure. Your data will be encrypted on the server and no one can hack or read your sensitive data (password, email etc.)
  • They have online billing process.
  • They do not force you to enter your credit card details and they must have a monthly billing system or refund system.

Here we stand. We provide unbeatable features and excellent support to our customers.

What do you get with 3CLOUDS hosting?

Free Domain + Free SSL + Web Hosting = ₹80/month! The whole year price is ₹960 only!

So let us start. Create your Website together!

No-1. Go to 3CLOUDS.

No-2. Select Package

start a blog

Click on “see price”.

start a blog

Select a Package. Want to host 3 or less than 3 websites then go with PREMIUM Package. You want to host more than 3 websites then ENTERPRISE Package is perfect for you.

No-4. Choose a Domain or register a domain

start a blog

The Premium Package comes with one-year free .in domain and Enterprise Package comes with lifetime free domain.

No-5. Select Duration.

start a blog

We don’t believe in the contract. You are free to choose either monthly or yearly payments. If you choose monthly you don’t get any free domain or offer price. Because domain is registered 2018 for a year, not monthly basis 2019.

No-6. Use Promo code

start a blog

Have a promo code? Use here to get discount!

start a blog

No-7. Enter your Details.

start a blog

Your website registered with your valid name and address. Please provide your valid details. Check the Terms of Service and click to continue.

No-8. Proceed to payment

start a blog

No-9. Payment

start a blog


No-10. Login to cPanel.

Log in to Cpanel using your website. Type www.yourdomain.com/cpanel and you will redirect to your cpanel login page. Enter the password and username which you get through email. If you didn’t get the email please contact us.

Or you can log in through your dashboard. Log in to your dashboard, first go to 3CLOUDS home page. Then click Login from a top right corner. After Login, you can see a page like this.

start a blog

Click Services.

start a blog

Click to your Product.

start a blog

Login to cPanel very easy.


Step-4: Install WordPress

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a popular blogging platform in the world. Totally 60% bloggers use WordPress for a Website.

  • WordPress is easy to understand.
  • You can customize your Website.
  • Free and premium themes available.
  • Free and premium plugins available.
  • Has a strong support forum.
  • Awesome admin panel.

Install wordpress for your Website. Check the all standard process.

1. Go to cPanel.

start a blog

Type “Apps” on top search bar.

Now you can see WordPress. Click that.

2. Click install Now.

3. Now Next page you see the installation options.


First- Choose Protocol: Select http:// if you don’t install SSL. If you installed SSL then select https://.

Second- Choose Domain: Choose a domain where you want to install WordPress.

Third- In Directory: make it empty. The default is “wp”, delete it and make it null or empty.

Fourth- Site Name: Type your Website name.

Fifth- Site Description: Write a few words to describe your Website.

Sixth- Multisite: Don’t check it. Leave it unchecked.

Seventh- Admin Username, password and email address: Type a strong password and username. This is you need to login to WordPress dashboard.

Final Step: leave all the settings as it is. Now click install from below.

Wait a Moment. You see a success message. Now go to your WordPress dashboard. Your dashboard link look like this- www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin/

Enter your username/email and password which you entered at the time of install and log in. modded Apk games

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