Create Blog: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

create blog

Which blog platforms are there? Where can we create blog for free? How to find the right topic for your own blog and write about it? How do you get visitors? And how can you make money as a blogger?

In this guide, we’ll cover the most basic beginner questions to help you get started with your own blog, and explain step-by-step how to start your own blog.

1. Where to create blog?

Beginners often tend to create their blog on services like Blogspot , , Tumblr  because you can just write on it and it’s free.

However, if you’re halfway serious with blogging, we advise you against these services.

Also, if the entry is a little more difficult, we recommend you to run your blog on your own web hosting package – with a self-installed, configured and self-maintained WordPress installation and a separate domain.

This gives you much more flexibility and lets you design and expand your blog the way you want. Without annoying restrictions.

This may initially play a secondary role, but as your blog grows and you want to offer more to your visitors, you’re watching. Especially since a later change to a self-hosted blog is almost always associated with a lot of work, stress and loss of visitors.

WordPress : A free open source software that allows you to easily and quickly create blog or even more complex online portals and customize them with the help of themes and plugins. The service is also based on WordPress, with the difference that you can not intervene in the source code and it offers fewer features, which is why we advise against it. WordPress blog.

2. How to find the right topic for the blog?

The question is easy to answer: something that you feel passion for. Something that really and truly interests you.

Can you imagine dealing with the topic every day? Can you imagine making videos or writing a book about it? Or lectures about it? If you sit down with paper and pen for half an hour, will you come up with 20 ideas for potential articles? Do you often and often tell your friends about this topic?

If you can answer yes to all or most of these questions on your topic, then that’s it!

Being able to earn money with a topic is also an important factor, especially if you want to become a full-time blogger. However, this should always come second .Free create blog. As a rule, you can earn money with almost any area and even more so if you are a luminary in a topic and accordingly can offer its readers high-quality content.

3. Find name and domain for your own blog

If you want to create your own blog, you first have to find a (brand) name (eg eWebtips) and a corresponding domain (eg under which the blog can be reached later.

It is very important not to rush this first step! Because a later name and domain change is possible, but not only expensive, but also almost always associated with loss of visitors and income.Create blog.

If you want to create a new blog, pay attention to the following:

  • The shorter the name the better (best under 16 characters)
  • The spelling of the name should be clear to most people
  • The blog name should tell what your blog is about
  • For an Indian blog is best .in-domain (.com also acceptable)
  • Ideally, the vanity URLs of social networks should still be available for the chosen name (eg or, but if that is not so bad then do not stop it Choose the blog name you like the most

Tip: If you already have a website on which a blog should be created, it may make sense to use it on a subdomain (eg ) or as a subdirectory (eg / ) instead of using a completely new domain.

4. Find blog hosting

If you have found a free domain, it is important to register them and find a suitable hosting provider for it.

You can choose two different providers for these two services. The easiest way, however, is to acquire domain and hosting from a single source. Create blog.

Please do not make the mistake and go to one of the big Hosts. For example, high downtime, slow load times or because customer service will let you down when you need it most.

We advise you to these two providers, with whom we have only had good experiences so far:

4.1 3Clouds

3CLOUDS benefits :

  • Unlimited SSD space
  • Free domain for life
  • Free daily backups
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24×7 support
  • No price hikes when renew
  • 30 days free trial (No payment)

The customer service is friendly, competent and usually answers quickly (via live chat within a few minutes).

Get 40% off in 3CLOUDS for Hosting

4.2 FastComet

FastComet benefits :

  • 15-35 GB SSD space
  • Free domain for life
  • Free daily backups
  • Free SSL certificate
  • No price hikes when renew

Get 15% off in FastComet for Shared Hosting

5. Install WordPress

So,Once you’ve got access to your hosting package, you can start installing and setting up WordPress. To install WordPress, the following steps are necessary:

  • Set up an SSL certificate
  • Download WordPress files as a ZIP file
  • Unzip the zip file and transfer it to your FTP server (in the directory associated with your domain)
  • Create database
  • wp-config-sample.php in rename and access data to database (database name, database user and password)wp-config.php
  • Go to your domain and follow the installation instructions

6. Configure the WordPress blog

Now that you have WordPress installed, it’s time to configure your WordPress blog so you can start blogging.

This includes:

  • Find a nice theme for your blog (eg in the WordPress theme database or ThemeForest ).
  • Create your own logo
  • Install WordPress plug-ins that will make your daily work as a blogger easier, and make your blog safer and faster.
  • Include links to your social media profiles
  • Create an About Me page to show your readers who you are and what you can offer them.

In addition, you should definitely insert an imprint and a privacy policy in your blog to be legally on the safe side. Even if you only run your blog privately!

7. What should you write about best?

The success of your blog always depends on your readers. The more you know what drives your readers, the higher the added value you can offer.Create blog.

That means you should try to get to know your readers better: Which topics are interesting for your readers? What problems or fears do you have? Which products are you looking for? Which questions do you have?

For this you can, for example, look at thematically similar blogs (also the blog comments!), Join Facebook groups to your topic, look for what your readers are looking for on Google (eg Google Trends ).

8. How do you get visitors?

There are many traffic sources for your blog.Such as :

  • Google (and other search engines)
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks
  • YouTube
  • Newsletter
  • References from other websites (eg from forums, other blogs or online magazines)
  • Returning visitors (who regularly visit your blog or are part of your community)
  • Offline marketing (newspaper, television, merchandising, etc.)

For beginners, we recommend visitors via Facebook, Pinterest or Google (SEO).

9. How can you make money as a blogger?

As a blogger, there are many different ways you can make money.

  • Banner advertising (integration of an advertising banner in your own blog.) Payment is either a fixed price or per click on the banner.
  • Affiliate Marketing (Including so-called affiliate links in the blog that redirect to an online store.) If someone clicks on the link and buys something in the online store, we get involved with a commission on the sale.)
  • Cooperations / Sponsored Posts (You’re paid to post a promotional blog post (mostly about a specific product or service) or share social networking content)
  • Sale of links (as a one-time payment or rent)
  • Offer own products (eg e-books or online courses)
  • VG word (something like the DMCA for publishers and writers)
  • Presenting lectures or organizing conferences
  • Advice, coaching or other services (a blog is a great way to attract customers!)
  • Collect donations (eg via a PayPal donation button)

10. How much can you earn as a blogger?

There are no limits to how much you can earn as a blogger. Some bloggers earn $ 10,000 a month or more. That’s the exception, though. But there are more and more bloggers who can live from their blog. Create blog.