6 WordPress Spell Checking Plugins

WordPress spell checking plugins

Are you in search of the best WordPress spell checking plugins ?, spelling of text in WordPress? Most browsers already have built-in spelling check, but they do not check the grammar and readability of your entries. In this article, we’ve made a selection of the best grammar checking tools that you can use with WordPress.

Why add a spelling checker to WordPress?

Most multi-writers, bloggers make mistakes. Just the proofreading of your author’s articles often leads to the appearance of small reckless mistakes to errors, grammatical blunders, because we often aspire to walk on our checklist.

There is one way to overcome the problem – to read your articles out loud. Listening to your own voice can help you find errors and improve the overall readability of your articles.

WordPress spell checking plugins are designed to avoid the occurrence of various errors in your text and check the spelling carefully. Thus, the content on the site will be pleasant to perceive and, most importantly, you will be kindly remembered, and not recognize you as “ignorant” or lazy who did not bother to check the text so as not to injure the eyes of his grateful readers.

So, let’s take a look at this WordPress spell checking plugins for errors, which you can implement.

WordPress spell checking plugins


Grammarly is a popular WordPress spell checking plugins online, available as a browser plugins for Google Chrome, Firefox and even Microsoft Edge. It checks grammar and spelling errors when you write your notes on a blog.

WordPress spell checking plugins

It will show the indicator in the lower right corner of the recording area. When you click on it you will see the number of errors. Writing, grammar and contextual errors will be highlighted underlined when writing.

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Ginger is another handy spell checker and grammar tool to improve your writing skills and improve productivity. It is also possible to install the plugins in the browser and offers a nice user interface.

WordPress spell checking plugins

A small icon in the lower right corner will be shown to you when in one of the recording areas, including the WordPress, Gmail, Facebook message editor, etc., he will notice the errors and allocate them for you.

There are several disadvantages of using the Ginger tool. You will need to switch to a text editor in WordPress. For editing, you need to click on the icon to launch the Ginger editor.

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After The Deadline

This WordPress spell checking plugins is also available in Google Chrome. It comes with a built-in spelling checker with the ability to check grammar and readability.

After you installed the add-on in your browser, you will need to click on it and select the options. This will open the addon settings page, in which you can check the parameters that you want it to look like.

WordPress spell checking plugins

You can launch the tool while writing your blog entries by clicking on the spelling icon in the lower right corner of the editor.

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Hemingway is available as a text editor on the Internet, so it does not work directly in the WordPress message editor. However, you can use their free web editor to test your articles for readability, grammar and spelling errors.

WordPress spell checking plugins

Think of Hemingway as not just a grammatical check, but a test of style. It is designed to improve readability, showing you the level of readability of your content and offering recommendations for improvement. Until publication, you can quickly, as they say, express, evaluate your content and then send it to the release.

Hemingway is also available as a paid desktop application for Windows and Mac, which allows you to send messages directly to WordPress.

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This WordPress spell checking plugins can be downloaded for free from all popular browsers, such as Chrome, FireFox, Google Docs and LibreOffice. Still there is a version as a web editor and a full desktop application.

An important feature in LanguageTool is that it works in more than 20 languages. This makes it a particularly useful tool for multilingual websites and multilingual authors.

WordPress spell checking plugins

The downside is that the free version is limited to only 20 000 characters for verification, so you will need to switch to paid tariff plans to get more features.

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Jetpack is a WordPress spell checking plugins that comes with a variety of useful modules. One of the main functions is to add a special button for checking the spelling in the panel of the visual editor of WordPress entries.

WordPress spell checking plugins

To fully test the grammar, you need to go to the JetPac settings page. On the “Write” tab you will see a section of spelling, style and grammar. From here you can include various proofreading options, including style rules.

The disadvantage of using JetPack is that it requires a WordPress.com account, and you also get a lot of features that you might not need.

We hope that this article will help you find the best tools for grammar checking in WordPress.

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