25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business

Reasons to Use WordPress

25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business

Using or not using WordPress is a choice that can determine the potential of your Internet business right from the start. The platform launched in 2003 far surpassed the borders of the blogosphere and is now used not only by bloggers but also by companies, newspapers and e-commerce sites.

The success is explained by the versatility and by a wide set of arguments that, according to many experts, make this Content Management System the best in the market. The numbers leave no doubt and the truth is that using WordPress is part of the daily lives of about 75 million companies that have already adopted this tool.

If you’re tired of fighting the software or if you want to create a website and do not know which CMS best for you, this is definitely the right article for you. Throughout a list of 25 topics, we explored a number of reasons that will certainly convince you to use WordPress.

25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business Migrate your site, improve your business and choose the platform that will most easily help you achieve your goals. Let’s now move from theory to practice, and let’s look at the reasons that make WordPress an excellent choice for your company.

Reasons to Use WordPress – Why use WordPress?

Reasons to Use WordPress

1 – It’s a free website platform

If after reading all the arguments we give you below and are still not convinced, remember to go back to the beginning of the list. Because?  25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business Because WordPress is completely free. Just make an account so you can start exploring the platform.

If you then decide that you really want to use it, there are options and features paid, but a first phase you will not even have to buy them. The platform is open-source, which means that the code can be easily changed or improved to match all needs.

For free, WordPress is also an excellent choice for all those who are about to launch a small business, those who do not know how to create a blog or those who seek to get an extra income at the end of the month.

2 – Easy installation

Unlike other Content Management Systems, WordPress gets ready to use malware is installed. If you do not notice much of the Internet or are afraid of too complicated settings, rest assured.

While there is always the possibility to change or improve any setting, the basic settings that come from the root are more than enough to get a functional, ready-to-use site.

3 – Versatility

The point has already been touched but deserves special attention. There is a lot to use WordPress is no longer something almost exclusive to bloggers. Open-source code, the ability to install plugins and templates, as well as the wide scope for creativity, make this platform surprisingly versatile.

The statement is supported by the fact that on this day many of the websites you query are made from this tool without even distrusting it. Now see, for example, the Observer’s website, a Portuguese cyber journal. Would you say it’s WordPress?

4 – Search Engine Optimization

Google likes WordPress. Who says it’s not us, but Matt Cutts, Google’s search engine optimization ( SEO ) expert, said at a conference in San Francisco that the platform is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create a website.

But why? Because, by itself, only WordPress Framework is easily traceable by Googlebot. In addition, the tool solves a series of SEO problems right away, serving as a great foundation even for those who do not have any knowledge of search engine optimization techniques. Well, watch the video.

5 – Customization

Apart from the basic and unworked version, WordPress websites are rarely the same. This is essentially due to the high level of customization allowed by the platform and the trillion tools available to edit the look. 25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business Best of all is that for this you do not even need programming or design skills.

See, for example,   ThemeForest or CodeCanyon to find a number of features you can use to edit your page.

6 – WordPress is safe

25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business Internet security is an issue that worries most website owners. As the most popular CMS in the world, it is only natural that WordPress is one of the favourite targets of hackers.

As such, some caution is advised, especially regarding the download of templates and plugins. Before downloading anything, make sure the site is trusted.

Care taken apart, there is one factor that makes WordPress an extremely safe tool: constant updates. But how to upgrade WordPress? 25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business Do I have to do something? No: it’s all automatic. All this reinforces the idea that using WordPress is extremely simple, easy and above all safe.

7 – Simple and intuitive interface

We just showed you a newspaper that uses the WordPress platform. 25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business The choice was probably motivated by the ease with which anyone can create categoriesedit menuinsert tags. We are not just talking about the administrator, but also all those who, despite not having a great knowledge of programming, can use WordPress to insert content or edit.

The interface is intuitiveuser-friendly and a short exploratory period is enough for anyone to start using it with great dexterity.


8 – Support

The technical support is essential for all those who want to start a company. 25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your BusinessThe good performance of the site allows a continuous implementation of the project, whose requirements can vary from a simple blog to a site with specific functions.

In addition to the help provided by WordPress itself, the platform has grown in such a way that there are entire communities and companies dedicated to the development of services and solutions that you can implement.

9 – Multimedia

In the process of building a website, there is no way of not taking into account the multimedia factor. Everyone knows that an eye-catching visual component is indispensable to encourage interaction and make the surfer interested in the content.

One of the great advantages of WordPress is exactly what it takes advantage of the multimedia. The interface allows direct insertion of images, you can embed videos from other platforms – such as YouTube or Vimeo – and you can even work with the code to insert dynamic infographics, among other visual elements.

10 – Mobile Version

Trends leave no room for doubt: more and more people are using mobile devices to access the Internet or even to shop online. This new reality brought problems to traditional sites, whose settings were exclusively intended for those who use the Internet on the computer.

With the arrival of tablets and smartphones, programmers and designers have to be careful to design the site thinking of various media. By adjusting to this new reality, WordPress has become responsive and mobile-friendly, which means it is automatically prepared to fit different resolutions.

11 – Diversity of page structures

25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business As we mentioned earlier, WordPress is much more than just a blog. This is ensured by a great diversity of page structures that fit the different needs of the company. You can, for example, create eye-catching and dynamic homepages, contact pages or pages with company history. Just use the structure and customize.

12 – Integration

Nowadays, websites need to be more and more complete. We mean that sometimes under the same URL, companies want to have blogsonline stores, pages with form fields, among other applications.

To respond to the needs of the market, WordPress has focused on integration, that is, on the possibility of interconnecting with other services, with the aim of improving its communication. We are talking, for example, about email sending services, such as AWeber and MailChimp, or Internet payment platforms such as PayPal.

13 – Management help

WordPress is, by itself, a smart tool. Even if you are not the type of person who is constantly looking for the latest news for the platform, the system itself will tell you when there is a new general update, security, template or plugins.

14 – Interactivity

These days, interactivity with the consumer is one of the ingredients for the success of any digital strategy. Made to think of pages as a meeting place for Internet users, 25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business WordPress allows you to exchange ideas through a comment area or through the insertion of social network plugins.

15 – E-Commerce

E-Commerce is a new and great potential for growth trend. If you are thinking about creating an online store and do not know how consider using WordPress. As you have seen, the platform is extremely simple and there are even some plugins and e-commerce templates specifically to meet your needs.

16 – It saves money

But, had not we said earlier that WordPress was free? Yes, we did, but that’s not all we’re talking about. The fact that the interface is so intuitive to have so many plugins and templates in the market makes it possible for anyone to achieve professional results without the need for courses or a large amount of technical knowledge.

WordPress is certainly suitable for dynamic people who like to roll up their sleeves and work on their own website themselves.

17 – Freedom in the choice of Web Hosting

The web hosting solution is very important. The big advantage of WordPress is that it does not require you to host your website in a specific company, so you have complete freedom to choose the option that seems most advantageous.

18 – Current events

A major handicap of traditional sites is that they can not be altered. Changing a single image requires contact with the programmer. Imagine now that you want to slightly change the template and put half a dozen Christmas elements to mark the time of year. 25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business Well, the most likely thing is that you have to prepare this change months in advance.

By contrast, if you choose a WordPress platform, simply search the Internet and surely find hundreds of fresh and current options. A simple plugin will run the functionality and you can even install it yourself.

19 – Creation of members

Another great advantage of using WordPress is the possibility of creating members who, in turn, will have access to exclusive content, made specifically for him. This is extremely useful if, for example, you own an online store and you want to give a bonus to a customer who made a particular purchase and therefore deserves access to a special discount or premium.

20 – Publication and update

Do you know that mistake that escaped you or that extra comma that you put in by mistake? Well, with WordPress, it has never been easier to change the content, correct it or publish it. The fields are well identified and leave no room for doubt. Then, just a simple click so that the contents are immediately online. Nothing simpler.

21 – Post Scheduling

Have you ever wondered if you had to post a new post on your blog? And when on vacation, who would be in charge of this task? And the weekends? Do not worry. In half a dozen clicks you can schedule all your articles and publish content according to the criteria you define.

Imagine, for example, that you have created a specific content that you want to go out at Carnival. Well, just choose the day and time and WordPress deals with the rest. Another possibility is to control the order in which the posts appear, changing the date of publication in the back office.

22 – It integrates several members

The back office of a company is rarely used by just one person. 25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business If you choose this platform for your business, know that anyone can use WordPress. You just have to authorize it. The tool has different levels of access you can choose when inviting someone to work with you on the platform. The levels are:

– Super Admin – The super administrator is the person who has access to all areas and can implement any change either on the site or on the network;

– Administrator – The administrator can change everything you want on the site: blog posts, homepage images, fields, among others;

– Editor – The editor can publish and manage your articles and articles placed by other people;

– Author – This user can only publish and manage their own posts;

–  Contributor – The contributor can write his own post, make a preview, but does not have the authorization to publish it;

– Subscriber – It is a person who has a profile that he can edit, but can not make any changes to the website or blog.

23 – Insertion of testimonies

The witnesses may be many advantages for a company, particularly when it comes to online shopping, where people exchange experiences and recommend products to each other. This feature can be easily guaranteed by one of several testimonial widgets on the market.

24 – The platform is universal

WordPress has a universal platform. What do we mean by that? Someone with experience working with this tool will have no difficulty in reusing it. 25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business At the same time, WordPress is also a friend of programmers, since any of these specialists who have minimal knowledge of MySQL or PHP can easily use it.

25 – Constant improvements

The success of WordPress has been gradual. Experts consider that tool space is guaranteed, but the truth is that the position as the most used CMS in the world has only been cemented thanks to the constant improvement that the platform has suffered.

25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business With an eye on what is best done in the Internet world, the company hires the best experts. In addition, there is an entire professional or amateur community that is dedicated to exploring the tool, boosting its growth evolution.