Top WordPress CRM Plugins

WordPress CRM plugins

WordPress CRM plugins. The main objective of any business enterprise is to increase sales and the most complete satisfaction of customers’ needs. And for this, clients need to know if not everything, then as much as possible. And then the customer relationship management system comes to the rescue.

So, CRM allows you to collect in one place different information about the customer, his preferences, order history, payments and much, much more.

WordPress CRM Plugins


UkuuPeople is a CRM system inside the WordPress website. The data of all clients are entered in a single master list and can be grouped and filtered according to different criteria. For groups and individual clients, you can assign responsible managers , assign tasks , schedule meeting times, and so on.

The kernel of the system is free, but there are many different add-ons, both paid and free, among which MailChimp, Gravity Forms, Google Apps, etc.

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WP-CRM extends the capabilities of the built-in WordPress user management mechanism, allowing you to add arbitrary data. Contains a special form for managing this data, which can be added to any page in the front-end. In addition, there is a powerful search engine that allows you to find the right customers based on all the same arbitrary data.

Like the previous WordPress CRM plugins, the core of WP-CRM is completely free , but add-ons that expand its functionality are both paid and free.

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WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM

WordPress-to-Lead provides tight integration between WordPress and the Salesforce account . Filling a special form in WordPress results in the data being automatically synchronize with Salesforce. This form in messages, and on pages or side panels.

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UpiCRM is a free WordPress CRM plugins that allows you to store and manage customer information using the WordPress database. Allows you to create different groups, make electronic mailings and much more.

It is tightly integrate with Google Analytics, which will allow you to have full and detailed information about your users’ activity.

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WP-CRM System

WP CRM System promises to be a full-fledged CRM system based on WordPress. It allows you to create contacts, projects and tasks and manage them from the admin panel of WordPress. Customers assign to specific managers or entire departments.

Has paid add-ons for integration with Slack and Zendesk.

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WPForms does two basic things that any CRM should be able to do. First, it allows the client a simple and quick way to ask the question of interest by means of a contact form that add to any place on the site. Secondly, it stores in a single database information about all customers and contacts with them and informs you of all their appeals.

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