8 WordPress Avatar Plugins

WordPress avatar plugins

WordPress avatar plugins. Most often installing an avatar, WordPress users deal with Gravatar – a free service that allows you to download an image once and use it on your computer. A lot of sites that support working with it. This is the development of the famous Automattic team and it has proven itself on thousands of sites, primarily on the basis of the WordPress platform. His popularity is also due to the fact that it does not require special means of embedding or plug-ins.

But if for any reason you do not like Gravatar, then do not despair. In the network, you can find many worthy replacements. So that you do not bother to search, we made a selection of some of them. All the plugins presented here are fairly simple and easy to use and do not have a noticeable effect either at the time of loading the pages or on the general load on the server.

WordPress Avatar Plugins

Add Local Avatar

Despite the obvious advantages and ease of use, some users do not like Gravatar. And if you want to please them, then use this WordPress avatar plugins, which will allow you to set as an avatar image on the local server.

But the very idea of ​​borrowing an avatar is not bad, so the developers have added the ability to use their avatar from Twitter , and we think that having the same avatar on different platforms is great.

This WordPress avatar plugins has a wonderful settings panel, where any user can set the desired image and set a number of settings that are understandable even for the beginner

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WP User Avatar

With this WordPress avatar plugins, as an avatar, you can set any image from the media folder. In this case, the administrator can set a limit on the size of the image and manage some other useful options and settings

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Author Avatars List

If you have a multi-user blog , then this WordPress avatar plugins will be very useful. With it, you can display a list of authors in the form of icons in the sidebar or anywhere on the page using a shortcode.

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SVG Avatars Generator

With the help of this WordPress avatar plugins (there is also its jQuery version ), users will be able to not only install, but also create their own avatars, and even in SVG format!

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WP Social Avatar

As you can guess from the title, this plugin allows you to use an avatar from Facebook or Google+ in a blog on WordPress . A good solution for those who do not bother picking an avatar every time when registering in a new social network or blog.

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Author or User Image

A simple and uncomplicated WordPress avatar plugins that displays the avatar of the user, both the author of the note and the commenter. You can set the image to be displayed by default if the user has not installed his own.

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Simple Local Avatars

An even simpler WordPress avatar plugins, but it does what it promises: it installs as an avatar any image from the media folder. Allows you to set the default image and fully supports Gravatar, allowing, however, to disable it.

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Avatar Manager

Powerful, and at the same time easy plugin providing your users an alternative – to use Gravatar or local image.

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It turns out that even to the solution of such a simple task as displaying on the user avatar page , you can approach creatively and offer several alternative options. What the above plugins do. As they say: more plugins are good and different, and the choice is left for the user.