7 Best Plugins for Creating WordPress Site Maps

WordPress site maps

WordPress site maps – an extremely important file of any site. Because it contains information about all the pages of the site. The time of their last update, the frequency of updates and the importance relative to other pages of the site. Of course, it does not guarantee that the pages will be indexed by the search engines. But significantly increases the probability of this event. Since it contains key initial information for this process.

That is why it is strongly recommended to install the appropriate plug-in and generate a site map immediately after installing WordPress itself . In the future, you do not have to update this file, since the plugin itself will track the addition of new pages or publications in the blog. It is strongly recommended to create a similar file for both video and photo materials – correct indexing and optimization media content will significantly increase the traffic to your site.

Well, now that you have appreciated the great importance of the site map, let’s look at some of the best WordPress plug-ins in my opinion that perform this simple but very important work.

WordPress Site Maps

Yoast SEO

WordPress SEO by Yoast undoubtedly belongs to the category “must have”. WordPress site maps perform all the necessary operations for high-quality search engine optimization , whether it’s optimization of one page, a site as a whole or the creation of a site map .

After installing the plug-in in the settings panel, you can set the appropriate options, create a map for media materials , pages and publications in the blog. The plugin works fine and in multisite mode .

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Google XML Sitemaps

Nine years of development, improvement and more than a million downloads – Google XML Sitemaps knows exactly what major search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing or Yahoo need. Works with all types of WordPress publications, so there is no need to install other plug-ins to handle custom publication types. In addition, it sends out notices to search engines when adding or deleting publications.

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All in One SEO Pack

Another tool “all-in-one” for comprehensive search engine optimization of the site in general, and including for creating a site map .

This WordPress site maps has versatile settings, the ability to set rules for including or excluding a particular category of material in the created map, notification (immediately or according to the schedule) of Google and Bing about adding new material.

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Premium SEO Pack

A complex premium WordPress site maps plug-in that will allow you to get a detailed report on each page, identify bottlenecks and eliminate them, increasing the speed of loading pages . It is very effective with general and comprehensive search engine optimization.

As for creating a site map. There is nothing to describe all operations are perform automatically. Taking into account everything from usual publications of WordPress to images and videos.

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Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

Very easy and convenient WordPress site maps plugin. It automatically creates a site map and keeps it up-to-date. He is able to split large maps into separate files containing a certain number of indexed pages. In fact, the plugin belongs to the category “set and forgotten”.

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Youtube Video Sitemap generator

If you often use videos from Youtube on your blog, then you should pay attention to Youtube Video Sitemap generator. This plugin is specially “sharpened” for searching in blog posts links to YouTube videos. The result of his work is a separate file video_sitemap.xml

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Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator works well on virtual servers. If your site is located exactly on this hosting, then this WordPress site maps plug-in is definitely worth a try. Along with the indexing of regular publications in the blog supports the indexing of video materials.

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