20+Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins

WordPress mega menu plugins

WordPress mega menu plugins. Drop-down mega-menu an excellent design . Find Navigation on a site that contains a large number of pages has always been a problem. Classical static menu a sitemap quickly grow as the number of pages grow and take up a lot of space. Dynamic drop-down menus save considerable space in the page, but the sacrifice brings usability for navigation requires an active and fairly accurate operation of the mouse. Slightly missed and uncovered the wrong menu.

The push for the development of the mega-menu concept was probably the ribbon interface of Microsoft Office 2007. This concept is just in the middle between a simple static menu and a dynamic drop-down menu. On the one hand, such a menu is quite informative and intuitive, on the other hand it significantly reduces the necessary mouse manipulation. Expanding, it can use all available screen space, which allows the user to cover all the points offered in this context, and, if necessary, disappears.

Whatever it was, and the mega-menu is now, as they say, in the trend and if you have not used it yet, then you should take a closer look at it.

WordPress Mega Menu Plugins


This WordPress mega menu plugins can be safely put on the first place in this review. The mega-menu created by it is fully adaptive , has an incredible number of different options, including background and font color management, font size, etc. And all this is done from a powerful and convenient settings panel.

In addition, the menu also has a number of other remarkable features, such as:

  • Built-in adaptive grid
  • Customize the width of each column and set the default width
  • Combining menu items in groups
  • Centering menu items in horizontal lines
  • Individual background images
  • Scrolling submenus containing a large number of items.

In general, a very powerful plugin, which we highly recommend.

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Mega Main Menu

A very popular and widely used plug-in Mega Main Menu can keep a balance between functionality and simplicity. At your disposal are over 10 different tools for creating drop-down menus that can contain text, images, links and widgets . And besides this – unlimited color settings and over 600 Google fonts.

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Liquida Mega Menu is a modern and multifunctional plug-in that will suit both ordinary users and developers – it can be easily integrated into your own developed theme.

This WordPress mega menu plugins offers a wide range of options for creating menus with a modern and stylish design: vertical or horizontal orientation, the ability to include links to links, images and even WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, which can be useful when developing online stores.

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Sky Mega Menu

Three variants of design for mobile devices, 9 color schemes, own grid, shapes and 360 vector icons. This set allows the Sky Mega Menu to take a worthy place among their own kind.

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WP Mega Menu

WordPress mega menu plugins from the category must have. Many options and options, working with categories, subcategories and messages, SEO-optimization and two pre-installed color schemes (dark and light), which, however, can easily be changed to your liking.

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NOO Menu

In order to understand the NOO Menu settings panel, you do not even have to read the documentation – everything is so intuitive. Having a preview in real time, you can simply change the values ​​and move the sliders, observing the effect produced. The color scheme can be changed completely arbitrarily and each option is stored under its own name, and the number of these options is unlimited.

The content of the menu items can be text, links, images, videos , forms and various widgets . To accommodate all this, you use your own 12-column grid.

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Hero Menu

Hero Menu allows you to link to menu items links to messages, categories, external URLs, and also display blog entries with featured image. The latest version announced full support for the WooCommerce platform. For easy operation it has a built-in drag-and-drop editor .

The design is modern and stylish and, of course, completely adaptive .

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The so-called fly-menu is the latest trend in the world of web design. This menu quietly “sleeps” in the corner of the page in the form of a pictogram, practically not taking up space, but when you hover the cursor it opens, moving the page elements, and not overlapping them.

One representative of this version of the mega-menu is Superfly – Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin. Impressive tool in terms of design and characteristics.

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WP Floating Menu Pro

WP Floating Menu Pro is a 2 in 1 plug-in. The menu-navigator for a single-page site and menu-stickers. Moreover: with this plug-in you can, at least visually, turn your traditional site into a modern one-page. WP Floating Menu Pro will ensure smooth scrolling from one part of the page to the other.

At the disposal of the developer WP Floating Menu Pro offers 13 templates and 7 different layout options on the page, customization options, color, content and number of items.

For screens with a resolution of less than 480px, you can automatically turn off the menu.

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WR Mega Menu

WR Mega Menu is a powerful, adaptive mega-menu with a built-in, intuitive editor that allows you to get exactly what you intended.

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Max Mega Menu

A very good WordPress mega menu plugins with a drag-and-drop menu editor and the ability to embed almost any widget in the menu items – from contact forms to Google maps .

It is able to automatically convert existing ordinary menus into one mega-menu with full control over the conversion process and saving or reassigning the corresponding actions.

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This WordPress mega menu plugins will surely appeal to the minimalists. Menu opens to the full screen by pressing the Menu icon and hides after selecting the desired item. Everything is extremely simple. The design is simple and clear, no extraneous elements.

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Path style menu

Very simatic and original menu for WordPress . When you click on the main button, can be located anywhere on the page, the icons pop up and are located around it. You have complete control over the location of these buttons: in a line horizontally or vertically, around a circle around or along a more complex line, such as the Bezier curve. Icons inside objects can easily be changed by simply replacing the icon files in the media gallery.

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As it becomes clear from the title, this menu is sharpened just for mobile devices . The design is made in the style of Google’s Material Design , there are various animation effects. In general, the menu gives a pleasant impression both in appearance and in rich options for setting various parameters.

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