Best Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Make money

When I tell someone I’m a blogger, in 90% of the cases, the question is, “And, with that, can you make money?”

And I confess that this question still amazes me (at least for the first moment). It is self-evident to me that this is possible!

Being a blogger or an influencer has evolved from a hobby to a serious profession in recent years. And blogging to a serious business model. It is no coincidence that there are more and more bloggers who can earn additional income from their blog or even live it completely.

Below, I’ll show you different ways to make money from blogging. With tips, examples and their advantages and disadvantages.

Make Money From Your Blogs

1. Google AdSense

One of the easiest ways to make money from your blog is Google AdSense.

This works as follows: You embed a snippet of code in your blog (for example, in a widget in the sidebar). At this point an advertisement will be shown. When a visitor clicks on one of the ads, you get paid money.

Google has more than a dozen different ad sizes available (including ads that fit the screen size), so there should be the right size for every blog.

We ourselves currently earn between 700 and 800 $ per month . But I know some bloggers who even earn four-digit amounts a month. But this usually requires a very high number of page views (at least 200,000, if not more) and a large number of ads on the blog.


  • Easy to integrate
  • Responsive mobile ads
  • Ads automatically adapt to the interests of your readers
  • Monthly payment of revenue
  • Extensive statistics to optimize user action


  • For something to come around, you need most high visitor numbers
  • Worsens the loading time
  • Is often blocked by adblockers and ignored by readers more often
  • Must be mentioned in the privacy policy and requires a cookie hint

2. Market the advertising banner directly

As an alternative to Google AdSense, you can also sell ad banner slots on your blog (so-called “direct marketing”). Once you’ve found a solid affiliate, it can be more lucrative than Google AdSense or other display networks.

The billing can be done in different ways, such. For example, per click, per call or against a fixed monthly or annual amount. That this can work very well.


  • Sometimes higher revenue than Google AdSense possible
  • Usually not recognized by adblockers
  • Must not be mentioned in the privacy policy and does not require the display of a cookie
  • Low impact on load time (for image only ads)


  • You have to find a suitable advertising partner yourself
  • Is not so well tailored to the interest of your visitors
  • Classic banner advertising is increasingly ignored by visitors

3. Marketer

If you do not want to take care of marketing your banner slots yourself, you can hire a marketer to find suitable customers for you.

Of course, the marketer wants to have a part of the cake, but it may be worth it for you. Firstly, the marketer usually has a lot of experience in customer acquisition, negotiating prices and an existing customer base.

In addition to banner slots, many marketers also provide sponsored posts, so they can also take on work in the field of work.


  • Sometimes higher revenue than Google AdSense or direct marketing possible
  • Also often sponsored posts
  • You have more time for your blog


  • The marketer wants to take part of the cake
  • Contracts are often exclusive, which means that you are in terms of advertising completely linked to the marketer and mediated by this customer

4. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are also a great way to earn money with your blog. The principle is very simple: You embed an affiliate link in your blog. If a visitor clicks on this link and orders something on the linked website or registers for something, then you get this order or Registration a commission.

The most popular and well-known affiliate program among bloggers and website operators is probably the Amazon affiliate program . It is also suitable for beginners, since the integration of affiliate links in your own blog is very easy. Amazon also offers products from just about every area. Unfortunately the commissions are comparatively low and the cookie runtime with one day is not very long.

If you’re looking for higher commissions and want to promote merchants other than Amazon on your blog, the easiest way to sign up for an affiliate network is to sign up. Affiliate networks combine hundreds or even thousands of partner programs from online shops and service providers under one roof.


  • Can be inconspicuously integrated into the website and do not disturb the flow of reading.
  • May sometimes generate significantly more revenue than Google AdSense.
  • You can benefit from selling products without having to do any work with shipping or manufacturing.
  • The tracking of sales, payment and billing is usually automated.
  • There are a variety of affiliate programs and networks, which allows for diversification of sources of income.


  • Must be marked as advertising
  • Often require an application (not every website is included in each affiliate program)
  • Mediated sales sometimes have a long processing time
  • Affiliate programs may be able to change, pause, or close their commissions (so you should not rely on just one affiliate program)
  • Especially suitable for Google or Pinterest traffic.

5. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are blog articles, social media posts, or a combination of both, for the publication of which one pays for a company. It presents or shows products or services of the company.

For example, an experience or test report, a raffle, a casual mention or recommendation of a product, or a report from an event.

How much you can earn with a sponsored post?. For example, the traffic on your blog, your follower numbers and how you interact with different social media channels, or how well you fit the brand.

I know some bloggers who get over 3,000$ for a sponsored blog article. Up there are hardly any limits.


  • Pretty easy money
  • Depending on the profile, reach and target group of the blog high payment for sponsored posts possible
  • Longer-term cooperation possible as a brand ambassador


  • Usually only one-time payment per post
  • Income unpredictable and irregular
  • Sponsored posts must be clearly marked as such or there is a warning risk
  • The Post and / or the advertised company may not fit 100% to their own blog
  • You can not publish too many sponsored posts per month or you are threatening to scare off your readers
  • Sometimes punishment by Google in case of missing links with the nofollow attribute

6. Sell your own products

Selling your own products on your blog is the supreme discipline!

It can be connected to a lot of work and sometimes also high investment costs to develop, manufacture and sell your own products. You can also make more money from your blog than with any of the other methods mentioned here. You do not have to share your profit with anyone.


  • Significantly higher revenue possible than other methods
  • You are independent of advertising partners
  • You can better meet the needs of your visitors with your products
  • You can realize yourself through your products


  • You may have to deal with customer support
  • It may take a lot of investment and / or a lot of time to develop and produce the product
  • You have to integrate an ordering system into your blog
  • More effort through shipping
  • More administrative and accounting effort

7. Collect Donations

Anyone who wants to earn money with a blog can also collect donations from their readers. As the only source of income, this often does not work, but can serve to earn a few dollars by the way.

In order to technically implement the collection of donations on the blog, there are still various possibilities and systems, such as: For example, the integration of a donation button from PayPal.


  • Unobtrusive way to make money with blogging
  • Easy integration into the blog


  • You need a large and above all very loyal fan base
  • The willingness to donate depends on the reader and topic
  • May require minimization or complete abandonment of other types of advertising
  • Your readers may need to sign up for a donation service to send the donations
  • Your readers may not be willing to donate until they receive something in return (eg
  • exclusive blog articles or an e-book)

8. Guest blogging

Bloggers are currently in high demand as guest authors or even permanent editors for corporate blogs as well as online or offline magazines.

Not only because editors always need fresh content and are always looking for new editors, but also because many bloggers also bring their own fanbase. Make money.

In addition, bloggers are considered authentic and usually communicate with their readers on a more personal and friendly level , Which many large editors lack.


  • You have the opportunity to promote your own blog
  • You can use the guest blogger as a reference to become a guest author on other blogs or online magazines
  • You can often link your own blog


  • You do not write content for your own blog in time
  • You often have to assign the rights to your post to the online magazine or the corporate blog (including pictures) and can not use the content otherwise

9. Organize events

As a blogger, you can also earn money by hosting events. For example, you can offer workshops for interested readers.


  • Very good for networking, getting to know new people and building your own brand


  • Much organizational effort (ticket sales, premises, catering, etc.)
  • Partly with high investments and thus associated with risk
  • Especially conferences are often profitable only with sponsors

10. Members area

A paid members area is the increase or broader form of the payment barrier. Members not only get exclusive blog articles to read, but can also access other exclusive content, such as: As videos, e-books, cheats, tools, knowledge bases or the like access.


  • Income is very easy to plan
  • You do not have to search for advertising partners
  • You do not have to send your visitors to other websites to make money from your blog


  • Requires expert status and good positioning within a niche
  • Technical integration of the members area responsible
  • A lot of effort to create exclusive content
  • Requires regular updates so customers do not cancel their subscription

11. Coaching and advice

If you are an expert as a blogger, you can also make a living from coaching and counseling.

As with digital products, this works best in classic consulting niches such as online marketing, business and career, dating, fitness, finance, self-publishing or self-help. But if you can solve the problems of your readers and they are willing to pay, certainly in other areas.


  • High hourly rates possible
  • You can offer coaching and consulting in many cases regardless of location. By Skype, WhatsApp, email or phone


  • Requires expert status and good positioning within a niche

13. Link sale or rental

Another source of income for bloggers is the sale or rental of links from their own blog. You can sell links not only from articles, but also from the sidebar, from the start page or in the footer.

When renting, the payment is made monthly or annually, once at the sale (the link is then online for an agreed period or forever on the blog).

You can earn money with the sale of links. Companies, especially online stores, often have difficulties in relevant backlinks to come (for example, for individual products or category pages) and therefore tend to rank at Google not so good. Therefore, selling links is an easy way for companies to push their own Google ranking. Make money.


  • Very little effort
  • Regular monthly earnings
  • Depending on the authority and popularity of your own blog high income possible
  • You can easily ask customers for text links via online portals


  • Punishment by Google for sale of dofollow links possible
  • SEO disadvantages for page-wide linking

14. Sell a blog

Are you crazy? Make money by selling your own blog.

But yes, that can be an option. Especially if you’re out of breath and you’ve been wanting to start a new project for some time (the startup capital through the blog sales can be very convenient!)

However, we would advise you to consider this not twice, but five times. Firstly, then your blog and thus your source of income once gone. And secondly, it may well be that you can not get the total blog sale you expect or need to start something new.

The problem with many blogs is that they are tied to one person and therefore can not be continued by anyone else. In addition, buyers are mainly the passive income of a blog important (for example, revenue through AdSense or affiliate marketing), many blogs, however, almost exclusively active income.


  • In one fell swoop you can use a lot of money to start a new project


  • Your blog is gone (and therefore your regular source of income)
  • You may not get back what you invested in your blog or what you thought of as a selling price