Best WordPress Forum Plugins

WordPress forum plugins

WordPress forum plugins. There are many PHP-scripts for organizing a forum or bulletin board and among them there are many completely free, powerful and functional.

But if you use WordPress, then there is a logical question – is it possible to make a forum based on this platform? Of course yes! And now we will introduce you to plug-ins, with the help of which it becomes a reality. And not just with plugins, but with the best of them.

WordPress forum plugins


In the first place we will put bbPress . Why him? Well, primarily because it’s the brainchild of Automattic, one of the developers of WordPress. Needless to say, its integration with WordPress is flawless.

And besides, it’s quick and easy. Easy both in work and in management. And completely free. Well, at least its basic functionality. And if you miss it, then with the help of paid add-ons (such as bbPress Ultimate, bbPress shortcodes for Visual Composer, bbPress Access – Limit Forum Access), you can always expand it. bbpress is the best WordPress discussion forum plugins.

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ForumEngine is not a best WordPress forum plugins, it’s a powerful and feature-rich WordPress theme for creating a forum on your site. You can even create a separate subdomain to access it.

This is one of the best WordPress solutions that works right out of the box. Perhaps you just want to adapt the appearance to the style of your site a little.

A convenient administrative panel will manage all aspects of the forum work directly from the front-end.

The functionality and capabilities of the application are huge, we note only a few:

  • Authorization with Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • Fixing the topic on the main page (sticky threads)
  • Continuous list of topics or pagination
  • 2-level hierarchy of answers
  • Banned user
  • Granting of the rights of the moderator to the user

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If you want to get more functionality than the basic bbPress provides, and for free, try BuddyPress . It is also created by the Automattic team, so do not worry about compatibility. And besides it has all those functions that you can get in bbPress only with the help of paid extensions. BuddyPress is able to create not only a forum in the classical sense, but also a full-fledged social network supporting independent registration, creating groups, private conversations and much more.

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CM Answers

If you have conceived a forum that will focus on this form of communication as a ” question-answer “, then take a closer look at CM Answers. This WordPress forum plugins was created by CMinds command, it is perfectly adapted to mobile devices and very well integrates into the administrative panel of WordPress from which you can track the activity of the forum and moderate the entries.

This WordPress forum plugins allows you to filter and sort discussions by various criteria: the most discussed, the most viewed, or the largest user rating.

In addition to the free version, there is a version of Pro with advanced features: authorization with social networking accounts, enhanced privilege management, shortcodes, attaching multiple files to one message, a text editor in front-end for formatted message input, integration with BuddyPress, extended statistics.

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AnsPress is also designed to create a question-and-answer forum . This WordPress forum plugins perfectly “gets along” with any WordPress theme and has many useful functions: filtering and sorting messages by various criteria, voting mechanism, comments, captcha, e-mail notifications about replies and much more.

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Simple: Press

Simple: Press is a multipurpose plugin for organizing a forum or bulletin board that is fully integrated into WordPress, uses its database and user accounts. So ,this WordPress forum plugins easily copes with a large number of users, and a flexible system of privileges allows you to organize both closed private discussions and public ones with the option of anonymous (guest) participation.

Like many of its “colleagues”, this review has a number of add-ons that extend its functionality. Provide integration with such products as BuddyPress, Slack, ShareThis, MyCred, SiteMaps, Gravatars, AIOSEO, WP SEO and TinyMCE.

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DW Question & Answer

A WordPress forum plugins that allows you to create a forum based in the style of StackOverflow or Quora. The application is quite simple, but its capabilities are more than enough in most cases: Filters, shortcodes, email notifications, comments , voting, captcha, closed discussions, powerful search and multilanguage support. Are you sure that you need more?

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Premium WordPress forum plugins MiwoVoice allows you to organize on the site running WordPress, a kind of feedback channel through which you can learn the opinions of users of your products and discuss interesting ideas that may come in handy in the future. Something like a guest book .

A number of functions will help make this communication easy and enjoyable: a clear and intuitive interface that widely uses AJAX , support for avatars (including Gravatars), a set of shortcodes and a tool that provides migration from one site to another.

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Sabai Discussion

SabaiDiscuss is an excellent tool not only for deploying the StackOverflow a-la forum or Yahoo Answers. But also for creating a kind of knowledge base or technical support. Different branches of the forum can be organized into categories (with a tree-like structure of categories), users can add files to their messages, close and resume discussions, evaluate and compile a rating of questions and answers. There is a rating system for the user.

Flat adaptive interface, powerful search engine and built-in Markdown editor with preview will make communication on the forum pleasant and constructive.

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WP Pro Forum System

Plugin WP Pro Forum system will add to your site a user-friendly and user-friendly forum with many different functions and nice appearance.

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Group Forums

Groups Forums creates on your site an easy, but powerful in its capabilities forum. It supports an unlimited number of sub-forums and allows you to set rules for each of them (for example, with guest access or only for registered users). Groups Forums uses the free Groups plug-in. Which makes it easy to manage user accounts and group them into groups and subgroups.

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