Best Tips & Ideas On How To Promote Blogs

promote blogs

Promote blogs. You hardly get any traffic and would like to make your blog known? Then it’s time to rock! It’s not enough to write good blog posts so your blog is read. You must actively promote blog, at least at the beginning, so that you get regular visitors.

Here are some tips on different marketing methods and channels that can help you get more visitors and increase your reach.

Promote Blogs


SEO is a great way to promote your blog. Although it usually takes a little longer to reach good Google rankings, visitors via search engines are often more valuable than visitors via social networks.

In addition, you can generate extra income through SEO and many of Google’s ranking factors are based on good content quality and user experience, so things you should be aware of as a blogger anyway. Promote blogs.

Our tips:

  • Do keyword research and optimize your blog articles for keywords that are really wanted (the most important SEO measure ever!).
  • Improve your loading time (preferably under 1.5 seconds!)
  • Change your blog to HTTPS !
  • Internally link your blog articles with the keywords you want to rank for (link blog articles to each other and, if it fits, your best sidebar, menu or footer articles)
  • Use short and speaking permalinks (best without date and category)
  • Use descriptive filenames and alt texts for images (best with keywords!)
  • Try to get backlinks for the blog articles for which you want to improve your Google ranking
  • Sign up for the Google Search Console and submit a Sitemap to Google
  • Use a good keyword tool that shows the exact search volume
  • Include rich snippets in your blog articles to increase CTR in search results
  • Use table of contents for your blog articles
  • Write long texts (at least 1,000 words)
  • Subdivide your blog articles with subheadings (h2, h3, h4 …)
  • Use spreadsheets, lists, photos, videos or other elements to make your blog articles more vivid
  • Write meta titles and descriptions that contain keywords and invite you to click
  • Optimize your content for other search engines (eg Bing)
  • Evergreen content is best for SEO!
  • Eliminate 404 errors and dead outgoing and internal links


Pinterest is now one of the most important social networks in Germany. Especially in the creative sector, sharing your own blog posts can pay off.

Our tips:

  • Turn your account into a corporate profile (which gives you additional features, such as Pinterest Analytics)
  • Tiller a lot (at least 5 pins per day)!
  • When pinning, tools like Tailwind or BoardBooster can help you a lot (but remember to log in manually and pin normally).
  • Link your Pinterest profile to your blog
  • Tie the Hover Button and the Save Button on your website
  • Use Pinterest’s browser plugin to pave easier and faster
  • Make at least 5 pinboards, each containing at least 50 pins
  • Activate the showcase in your profile
  • Enable Rich Pins for your blog
  • Optimize your pins, pin boards, and your profile with keywords
  • Own Pins rated Pinterest higher than Repins (new content is better!)
  • Best for pins are images that are longer than width

Facebook groups

By posting your own posts in Facebook groups, you can reach other bloggers who share them or link them, and thereby gain new readers. Even online magazines that are looking for new content and cooperation partners are represented in blogger groups. Promote blogs.

There are now many bloggers who use Facebook groups to promote their blog posts. Nevertheless, it can always be worthwhile to regularly post the latest posts there, especially since the post is very fast and costs nothing.

Our tips:

  • Share your posts best on Monday, Thursday or Sunday between 8am to 9am or 5pm to 8pm, then most people are online (though We recommend trying out other times as well and comparing responses)
  • Test which type of post arrives best (picture with link, link only, etc.)
  • Make sure you’re allowed to share your blog posts in the group
  • You’ll reach even more readers by posting not just in Blogger groups, but especially in the groups where your target audience is.
  • Do not post in too many groups at the same time, or you may get on your nerves with your Facebook friends. In addition, it may be that Facebook is no longer displaying your posts to so many people or, in extreme cases, even temporarily locking your account.

Facebook advertising

Due to the abundance of content on Facebook, the Facebook algorithm very strongly selects which content is displayed to whom. As a result, sometimes you do not get as far as you want with the organic range.

Paid Facebook advertising can help to get you more fans or clicks to your blog.

Our tips:

  • Set your budget high. As a rule, this results in a higher click-through rate (CTR) and thus a lower cost-per-click (CPC) or CPA (cost-per-action, eg per claim).
  • Experiment with different ads, ad formats and audiences!
  • Plan a bit of the budget you use for testing

Facebook site

A dedicated Facebook page is a must for any blog to get known and keep regular readers up to date. Due to the fact that Facebook members like more and more in the course of their lives and follow more Facebook groups and pages, it is increasingly difficult to achieve a long reach with their own content. Promote blogs.

Our tips:

  • Try out what type of content (pictures, videos, blog posts) best suits your fans
    Share also posts from other blogs to make them aware of you and to be shared (keyword reciprocity)
  • Create URL for your Facebook page. So that your readers can remember your site better.

Write a guest article

When you write a guest article, you benefit from the reach of another blogger or online magazine. Under certain circumstances you can get visitors to your own blog through just one guest article over days, weeks or even months and get yourself some fans and followers. In addition, you will usually be linked in the guest post, which helps you with your Google ranking. Promote blogs.

In return, the blog or online magazine on which you post the guest article receives free content.

Our tips:

Start with smaller blogs to get references and make a name for yourself as an author. Then use these references to get guest articles on larger blogs or online magazines. Promote blogs.
When you write your guest article, promote your own blog as little as possible (preferably only in the author profile). Instead, focus on providing the host blog with as much value as possible.
Share the guest articles you write for others, even in your own channels

Offer guest articles

Not only by writing, but also offering guest articles, you can make your blog better known. Because most of your blog is also linked by the guest author or shared on Facebook, Twitter and Co.

Our tips:

  • In the Facebook group blog guest authors, you can search for great guest authors for your blog
  • Look for guest authors who have a long reach themselves (guest authors like to share their contribution with you in their own channels)
  • Make sure that your guest authors’ articles are 100% compatible with your blog

Forums and question portals

Even if traditional Internet forums or question portals are dying so slowly in favor of social networks, they are still a good source of visitors. Promote blogs increase traffic.

Above all, if you regularly post in a specific forum or question portals and gain expert status there, you can also make your blog known.

Our tips:

  • Find a small public forum where your target audience is
  • If possible, include a link to your blog in your signature
  • Try to post regularly in the forum and write really helpful posts
  • Especially at the beginning keep up with advertising for your own blog

Blog Comments

By commenting on other blogs, you can also generate a bit of traffic. But you should not expect too much. Because this is mostly other bloggers on your blog. You will barely reach your target audience.

However, blog comments can be a good way to collaborate with other bloggers, such as bloggers.

Our tips:

Use comments on other blogs to collaborate with other bloggers and build friendships
For the Google ranking comment links bring little to nothing. Never comment for that reason!

Aggregators and directories

Aggregators (that is, websites that do not provide their own content but automatically collect the content of other websites) and directories that you can use to register your blog are sometimes very good at promoting blogs.

  • Start your own podcast and distribute it on podcast portals
  • Make your photos available for free in image databases
  • Create infographics and distribute them on infographic portals and on Pinterest
  • Post your newsfeed to RSS aggregators and directories
  • Publish press releases (if you have the small change, preferably on payment portals,
  • Register your blog with Google News (but only if you also write news articles!)
  • Sign up in blog directories and link lists (best topic-relevant!)

Offline marketing

Offline marketing can also make sense if you want to make your blog more popular and get more followers!

Our tips:

  • Visit blogger events or actively organize an event
  • Organize your own blogger events
  • Have a sticker printed with your logo for your laptop
  • Order Business Cards (with links to your blog and social media channels)
    Write guest articles or give interviews for print media

Other tips

If you have your blog There are many more ways to get more visitors for your blog. The following are all methods that do not fit in the rest of the categories. Promote blogs increase traffic.

Our tips:

  • Run active content recycling (update an old blog article and post it again, possibly in a new format)
  • Take part in a blog parade or organize one yourself
  • Include your blog URL in your email signature
  • Include a blog roll in your blog and link each other with other bloggers
  • Post sponsored posts on your blog (often shared by the advertised company)
  • Post test reports on your blog and create a test seal, then write down the manufacturer of the product and draw attention to the test report and seal (condition for using the seal is a link)
  • Write the types of blog articles that are well received and often shared
  • Write interesting headlines that invite you to click
  • Link and share the content of other bloggers (remember to tag bloggers if you share their articles on your social media channels)