20+ Best WordPress Chat Plugins (Live Chat)

WordPress chat plugins

For any business, feedback is extremely important that’s why we need WordPress chat plugins . The lack of feedback is like practicing without a theory that is known to be blind. Customer Satisfaction Is the key to success in any business. And how can you better know these needs, if not in personal communication? On the other hand, we have to face critical, sometimes unflattering remarks. But in fact it is also a chance – a chance to become better. You just need to use it right.

The modern global economy and e-commerce have led to the fact that feedback should also be at the global level. Selling goods to different countries of the world, you will not be indicating a contact phone in your country!

Fortunately, the technologies themselves provide a solution to this question. For the organization of feedback, you can use e-mail, a page in popular social networks, create, finally, a forum on the site. But, probably, none of these ways can compare with live chatting. It’s hard to come up with faster, anonymous and confidential communication! Especially if you just need to click the icon in the corner of the page to start the conversation. No registrations, installation of instant messengers, no additional actions.

So, Lets start.

WordPress Chat Plugins

Simple Simon Live Chat

The author of this WordPress chat plugins is the developer of add-ons for WordPress and Joomla with many years of experience. The reasons that prompted him to start developing Simple Simon were the complexity, congestion in functions and the high cost of many of the solutions that existed at the time. Its main purpose was to create a quick chat, easy to install, configure and use.

There is no unimaginable number of settings, but those that are present – the most basic and necessary: ​​appearance, color, location on the page and the ability to manage the status of the operator (Online / Offline).

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WordPress Live Chat Plugin

A simple but effective WordPress chat plugins with stylish modern design. Has a set of emoticons and avatars , as indispensable attributes of modern network communication.

An interesting feature is the ability to track the last visited pages of the subscriber, which will help in a more rapid understanding and resolution of the issue. There is a sound notification when a new message arrives.

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Awesome Live Chat

Awesome Live Chat has not only an attractive interface and a huge number of skins, but also rich functionality. Allows the visitor to leave messages , even when there is no one online operator, locate the user by IP address and display this information to the operator as a flag of the country.

It is possible to save a conversation record and send it to a user-specified e-mail.

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According to the site WPmayor – this is the best WordPress chat plugins , ever created for WordPress. In addition to the possibility of ordinary textual communication allows you to make audio and video calls , exchange files. The operator sees in the console not only detailed information about the interlocutor (location, IP address, etc.), but also all users who are currently on the site.

Pleasant appearance and excellent work on all browsers and mobile devices.

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Do you know that according to statistics, 83% of buyers need help when shopping in the online store, and 45% refuse to buy without getting it on time? If you are interested in a significant reduction of these 45% and created a high-quality (probably even a 24-hour) support service, then you need a tool like Zopium Live Chat. Fault-free and reliable (uptime 99.8%), it has a system of templates and triggers and can automatically answer some of the most popular user questions. Monitoring in real time allows you to monitor the load on the support service and make quick decisions (connect additional operators, identify subscribers who wait too long for a response, etc.).
Chat works great on mobile devices and supports all modern browsers.

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In order to take advantage of Live Chat by OggFlow, you will have to create an account on OggFlow to install the WordPress chat plugins, and add the corresponding widget. Not very difficult. Registration is free, as is the tariff plan for one operator. After that you get not just a live chat on your site, but a kind of aggregator that combines chat, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and even GMail folders in one place. All information coming through these channels is combined in one tape Live Chat by OggFlow.

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Tidio Live Chat

The authors of the Tidio Live WordPress chat plugins put emphasis on simplicity and ease of communication. The visitor does not even have to register or be authorized. The operator, for its part, sees all users who are on the site and can on its part turn to any of them.

One of the few chat rooms that offers more and native applications for iOS, Android, Windows, OS X and Chrome. The operator will be in touch, wherever he is.

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Free Live Support

Free Free Live Support WordPress chat plugins has a number of features that its premium analogue can envy. Unlimited number of domains and parallel chats (though the free version is limited to 150 unique conversations per month), SSL encryption, wide customization options, logo and notification that the person is typing text.

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Casengo Live Chat

Casengo Live Chat Support supports communication with customers via live chat, email, Twitter, Facebook , and recently and WhatsApp directly from the admin panel of WordPress. In addition, from one place you can serve several sites at once. On fine and comprehensive customization of the appearance can and should not be mentioned – it is on top. But the possibility of teamwork of operators for a more qualified solution of the issue should be noted – this function is not in every chat. And given that there are also applications for Android and iPhone, you can be sure that the client’s treatment will be processed as quickly and at any time.

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Pure Chat

Chat and nothing more! Simple, quick and intuitive. This is the concept of Pure Chat. Less than 3 minutes and you can receive the first calls, that is, messages.
There are separate applications for Android and iPhone.

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Powerful, cloudy and fancy – so describe the creation of the authors of the chat FlyZoo. Powerful because it has such functions as group chat, moderation, monitoring of the users on the site, SSL encryption, etc. Cloud because the code runs on the server side of FlyZoo and does not load your server at all. Well, the third is simple because it is modern, stylish, with attractive design and wide customization options.

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WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat Support is an excellent choice for individuals and small businesses. It is completely free, although it has enough functionality for most daily tasks and a wide range of customization options. A big plus for the user is the ability to place the chat window himself in any place convenient for him.

Live Chat Software will allow you to organize a support service in 24/7 mode. The online interface, working in any modern browser, desktop applications for Windows and Mac OS and mobile applications for Android and iPhone will allow operators to always be in touch. But, even when they all sleep, a virtual assistant can carry the watch, which can answer users’ questions based on the knowledge base accumulated by your employees.

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Just one of the best WordPress chat plugins. More precisely, the whole infrastructure for direct communication on the site, including native applications for desktops and mobile devices, a special widget for the mobile version of the site, the possibility of group chat, record and export of the log, and much much more.

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Banckle Chat is a whole platform for online communication with your windows and forms, answering machines and templates -the answers, powerful analytics and reports.

Unfortunately, this plug-in has not been updated for more than two years and, probably, its further development, apparently, is discontinued.

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One of the most powerful WordPress chat plugins in our review. Rather, it is a whole platform for organizing feedback from customers and includes a system of notifications of new messages, a system for recording all correspondence with a quick search for the necessary conversation, and a system for processing statistics and generating reports.

Operators receive notifications not only in the admin panel of WordPress, but also on e-mail. In the absence of all operators, the client can leave his message and receive a response later. There is an opportunity to exchange files, and even audio and video .

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WordPress 1-2-1 Live Chat Plugin

Strange at first glance, the name of this plugin is explained simply: 1-2-1 is consonant with one-to-one, which means “one on one”. Direct communication with your customers or potential buyers. And all the tools and opportunities to give him a complete and, most importantly, timely response.

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Wise Chat

This free WordPress chat plugins has such wide capabilities that it will easily “pull” the support service of a fairly large firm or a whole corporation. In this chat uses the resources of the home server and does not require third-party tools, which is especially important for the corporate sector.

Among the other advantages of this chat are almost all those functions that are present in all the above mentioned plug-ins:

  • Unlimited number of subscribers
  • Private, protected chats
  • Anonymous chat rooms (without user authorization)
  • Use to authorize a chat account on the site itself
  • Possibility to exchange links, files and photos, and on smartphones it is possible to
  • Transfer photos directly from the camera
  • Archiving of all conversations and the ability to automatically delete archives older than a certain date.
  • Blocking of subscribers both by login and by IP-address.

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