Top 10 Best Ad Manager WordPress Plugins

Ad manager wordpress plugins

Ad manager WordPress plugins. Not many years ago when everyone tried to make money quickly on a blog. Fast-forward just a few years, and the whole scene has changed radically.

Selling ads on websites is not as easy as it used to be. “Golden Age Blogging” must have passed, but that does not mean monetization has come to an end. It just takes more effort on behalf of publishers and creators.

Whether you are selling ads to third parties or you use your platform to promote your own content, a solid ad plugin can make all the difference. To get you started, here are 10 best WordPress plugin manager ads from Envato market.

Ad Manager WordPress Plugins

Advertising Pro Plugin – ad manager WordPress plugins for Multi Purpose. The best WordPress plugin manager ads you’ll find.

It is a full-featured tool that provides many options on the front-end with powerful toolsets for managing advertising advertisements.

Ads Pro Plugin - Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

With more than 20 ways to show ads, you’ll also find:

  • 3 billing models
  • 4 payment methods
  • WooCommerce integration
  • language and currency translations
  • random ads, selection restrictions, fully customizable
  • and much, much more!

By helping support and Video guides, your ads will be up and running quickly and easily.

From full online statistics to useful front-end user panels, Pro Advertisement Plugin – the advertising manager of Multi Purpose WordPress is the ultimate in WordPress Plugin ad manager.

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WP PRO advertising system – all in one ad Manager is one of the more powerful Ad manager WordPress plugins.

It not only includes all the features you want from the ad manager, it also includes the visual design of the banner.

WP PRO Advertising System - All In One Ad Manager

Features include:

  • ad schedule
  • target user tool
  • Banner click heatmap
  • support all major ad networks
  • buyer ads can buy, manage, and edit ads
  • pay for clicks, pay scenes and billing of pay / day option contracts
  • and much more

From ad sales to ad design, this turnkey solution is ready to get the WordPress site up and running with a complete ad system.

WP PRO advertising system – all in one ad manager is an easy way to manage your ads.

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If you already like WooCommerce, you will love Pro ad buying and selling-WooCommerce plugins.

There is no bloat feature here- this efficient solution utilizes WooCommerce to sell ads.

Pro Ads Buy and Sell WooCommerce

Features include:

  • Front-end ads buy and upload banners
  • payment handled by WooCommerce
  • users can view their own banner statistics
  • and much more

Pro ad buying and selling-WooCommerce is not just an advertising manager for those who already run WooCommerce-although it’s very convenient for those who already are. It’s a simple ad sales solution that’s decent for anyone looking for something easier.

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Not all ads are about banner ads. If your affiliate links are your thing, you need to check the affiliate-Plugin link to shorten the Link and Masking plugins.

Affiliate Links WordPress Plugin for Link Shortening and Masking

“Affiliate links are premium WordPress plugins that allow you to cover each URL to create and shorten internal or external links.”

Features include:

  • click statistics link
  • conditional redirects
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • and much more

There is no need for powerful ad manager WordPress plugins if all you need to manage affiliate links. This is what you need.

With affiliate-link Plugins to shorten Link and Masking , take control of your affiliate links with widgets, shortcodes, and more.

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Not all types of online marketing and advertising need the same tools.

If your game marketing content, then Advanced floating content is what you want.

Advanced Floating Content

Features include:

  • easy to customize
  • shortcode support
  • floats your content in almost any place and way
  • supporting video embedding, sharing, social media HTML code
  • and much more

Do not let your opportunity float go-get your visitor’s attention online using the advanced floating WordPress content plugin.

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Placing ads where your web users are looking – videos, pictures, and text! Any Overlay ads – inappropriate videos, images or text, by making it easy to add top layers of videos, pictures or text.

Ad Overlay Anything - Videos Images or Text

“If a visitor to your website is looking at a particular content, for example, then they are more likely to be interested in a product or service related to the content.Customizing your ads in this way enables you to drastically increase your conversion rate and actually make some big from your ad space. “

Any Overlay ads – video, images or text are simple, easy and very effective.

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Popup Banner ad manager WordPress plugins – floats the banner perfectly for quick and simple advertising.

You do not always need a powerful ad manager, so keep it simple with something like a banner popup.

Popup Banners WordPress Plugin - Float Banners

Features include:

  • five banner positions
  • tracks views, clicks, CTR, and
  • adjust banner behavior
  • and much more

Minimum screen width setting for display is one of the strongest floating banner options. If you do not want to display a banner for them on a mobile device, you can easily stop from displaying with this feature.

Prepare a jpeg, png, or GIF image file and get the WordPress Plugin WordPress Popup – float the start banner.

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Pro Flap ads are one of the most fun ways to show ads.

Very stylish, animated, and easy to use. And best of all, it caught your attention.

Advert Flap Pro

“Flap Pro ads are an animated advertisement for WordPress sites.This is one of the most effective ways to get messages or outbound ads to people on your site without being overhauled with capital or popups.”

With more than 23 styles built in, you can add as many examples as you need, schedule, and only show on certain pages.

Check out Pro Flap ads. That’s great fun, and if you do not want it for animation, the static version is clean and crisp.

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Probably the best ad manager is not a plugin. Maybe that’s what you are?

With the Rotator Generator banner for WordPress, you can organize and manage your own ad space.

Banners Rotator Generator For WordPress

Features include:

  • edit all banners
  • adjustable parameters
  • Uploading WordPress System Support
  • and much more

Banner Rotator Generator For WordPress is a fast, easy, and simple way to add and manage banner ads on a WordPress site.

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This ad manager WordPress plugins will not help if web users use AdBlock – generating blocking ad revenue.

Fight back with AdBlock Monetizer – WordPress Plugin!

“This plugin is capable of detecting adblock software.”

AdBlock Monetizer - WordPress Plugin

The concept is simple:

This plugin allows visitors to view your website satisfied with AdBlock enabled, if they agree to pay. Otherwise, they must disable AdBlock to view your website.

Features include:

  • PayPal Support
  • adjust prices and currency exchange
  • adjust the page time is accessible
  • and much more

AdBlock Monetizer – WordPress Plugins not only offer the website some help from AdBlock, but also educate the website in real cost of advertising blockers.

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There are various ways to monetize your WordPress site with ads. While powerful WordPress plugin manager excellent plugins may be the best and most effective way for many, there are still people who will greatly benefit from this unique approach.

Before diving and buying the most powerful solution, make a list of what you need and list what would be really fun to have but not important. Once you’ve got this done, review the list and see what’s the best solution for your needs-and maybe even some things you want.