7 Best WordPress Evaluating WordPress Plugins

Evaluating WordPress plugins

Evaluating WordPress plugins. We will not explain the importance of feedback from readers of your blog. After reading the comments you will understand whether or not you liked this or that note, but, firstly, you do not always have time to read all the comments, and secondly not all visitors have the time or desire to leave your feedback.

The evaluation of the material , has two advantages :

  • It takes the reader exactly one second;
  • The voting results are easily amenable to automatic processing and do not require any effort your part.

Evaluating WordPress Plugins

Like Button Voting & Rating

About 80 settings, 28 themes, 37 languages, support for WooCommerce , BuddyPress and bbPress, the ability to vote for publications , pages, comments and all these features are completely free . In this case, full support for the multi site mode and widget for displaying the most ranking materials. Like Button Voting & Rating – a very high quality and diverse plugin.

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Star rating an evaluating WordPress plugins remains popular among users and administrators, as it allows you not only to vote for the article you liked, but also to evaluate it in points , which, naturally, allows you to get a better estimate and statistics.

In addition to its impressive customization capabilities, it is well integrated with Google’s search engine , so your article’s ranking will be displayed in search results .

Good news for users of the GD Star plug-in – they will be able to go to this new, painless system without pain, as Yasr can import GD Star data.

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This evaluating WordPress plugins will add a rating system to the blog , very similar to the one used on the Reddit website. Everyone can vote for an article by increasing or decreasing the overall rating, which is displayed next to the material in the form of an integer.  This evaluating WordPress plugins allows you to easily adapt the appearance to the style of your blog, and in addition, contains a special widget that displays a list of the most rated notes. The plugin can also be configured to evaluate comments , which will further revitalize the communication and interest of the readers.

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Post Voting

In addition to extensive customization options, this Evaluating WordPress plugins has good documentation, clean and well-documented code, easy to install and configure. A distinctive feature is the ability to allow voting to all visitors or only registered.

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Vote Up Down

Another high – end plugin for rating publications is Vote Up Down WordPress Plugin . In fact, this is a complex system, including 15 variations of design, adaptive design.

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WP ULike

Using the Ajax plugin technology. Which will add very nice buttons like and dislike to the pages of your website or blog. Allows you to evaluate publications, comments, posts in forums based on BuddyPress and bbPress.

Allows anonymous voting , i.e. the visitor does not need to register and log in to leave a voice.

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The voting system or the so-called ” star rating ” is one of the systems that you just need to have on your blog. It consumes very little resources, does not require constant attention from the administrator. But the benefit from it is quite obvious – the better you understand your audience. The more quality and relevant material you can offer it. And even if you are blogging for the soul, and not for earnings, moral satisfaction is guarantee to you.