How To Find Best Blog Name(Domain Also)

best blog name

The best blog name can be crucial. For the first impression. And for someone to remember your blog.

Of course, as a blogger, you can always rebrand and choose a different blog and domain name. But in 99% of all cases this is associated with lost visitors and income.

To avoid that, we’ve created a checklist for you to find the perfect blog name. A name with which you are still happy much much years later.

Best Blog Name & Domain

1. In short

We recommend that you choose a blog name that is as short as possible. This is important so that visitors can remember your blog name and not forget about leaving your blog right away. Best blog name.

What do you think visitors can remember better?


We recommend you to choose a blog name that contains a maximum of 15 characters. This makes it easy to remember.

In addition, you can secure the same username in social networks, which often have a limit of 15 characters. Names with more than 15 characters are often abbreviated in social networks. Best blog name.

2. The blog name reveals the theme of your blog

Make sure your blog name is not just length-wise, but also relevant to your blog theme.

Ideally, when reading your blog name, someone should already be able to see what (approximately) your blog is about.

This has the following advantages:

  • You are an expert
  • Visitors will see that they find more info on the topic on your blog
  • Ranking bonus for search engines for keywords in the domain name

To the third point another example: When looking for a blog name for eWebtips we searched from the beginning for names that contain the word “eWeb”.


Because many search terms that we want to be visible on Google contain that word, such as: Create blog, blog name, find , earn money with blog or be blogger, or at least have it relevant. Best blog name.

3. The simpler, the better!

Not only length and relevance are crucial to remembering your best blog name, but also the complexity.

If someone does not know how to write your blog name, they may not find your blog again.

Therefore, you should avoid the following in your blog name:

  • Longer disjointed numbers or letters
  • Long acronyms
  • Technical terms
  • Foreign words
  • Anglicisms
  • Foreign-language words or phrases, if not widely known
  • Indian words with easy spelling

4. He is unique and unmistakable

Having name competition is not good. This can cause someone to mistake your blog for another. Or that your blog may be harder to find on Google. Or that many domains and accounts in social networks are no longer free. Best blog name.

If someone has registered your blog name as a trademark or contains a registered trademark, it may happen that you are warned and may lose your domain.

6. Which domain extension to choose?

For a Indian blog .in or .com domain is the best choice, as these Indian visitors are most familiar.

In exceptional cases, you can also access a .net or .org domain.

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