7 Essential Web-Marketing WordPress Plugins

Web-marketing WordPress plugins

Web-marketing WordPress plugins. That’s it, you’ve finally created your first WordPress site! You have found the theme you like. You even started writing some blog posts. But here you have the impression that you are missing something to get your business off the ground. And yes, the time when it was enough to create a site to see visitors buy your products per hundred is long gone. Today, the internet has become an extremely competitive space. If you want to promote your offer, then you will have to deploy a real web marketing strategy.And that is wordpress plugins.

Web-marketing WordPress plugins

Plan your content strategy: Editorial Calendar

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One of the difficulties in web marketing is to remain constant in the creation of content. For that, there are not 36 solutions: you have to make a planning! In concrete terms, you list the contents to be published and put a date in front of each of them.
Where it gets complicated is with the volume. You then have posts not yet started, others in progress, others scheduled, and each scheduled for a different date. As much to say that you have to be organized to avoid the holes in the racket!

That’s why I want to introduce the Web-marketing WordPress plugins “Editorial Calendar“. This Web-marketing WordPress plugins adds a calendar in your WordPress back office with all the upcoming posts and the state in which they are. At a glance, you immediately know where you are! Impossible to miss something now.

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Referencing your pages in search engines: Yoast

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You already know the importance of being well positioned in search engines. But have you ever wondered how Google does to choose which page it will go up in the search results? Well, it begins by analyzing the text on each page of each website according to a set of complex rules. Then, it will determine if this page is relevant for what the user is looking for. So you have every interest in meeting the Google criteria if you want to have traffic. And for that there is Yoast.

So, Yoast is a Web-marketing WordPress plugins to add a checklist “SEO” on each of your posts. A simple way to respect the basic rules and appear in the search results.

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Relay your posts on social networks: Social auto poster

You know the routine:

  • Writing a blog post
  • Plan it
  • Come back to see him on D-day
  • Open a tab on Facebook
  • Copy and paste the URL of your article in Facebook
  • Write a small personalized text to accompany the link
  • Publish the post
  • Repeat the operations 4 to 7 times, for each social network concerned

In the end the “Plan” function of WordPress no longer serves you. You still have to return to your blog article on D-Day to post it on social networks.
And rest assured, the galley is over. Social Auto Poster is a plugin that allows you to regain your freedom.

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Social Auto Poster allows you to customize all the elements of your social posts. And once your article published, the plugin will automatically relay it on social networks! Not bad is not it ?

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Generate leads: ConvertPlug

From a marketing point of view, a lead is someone who is sufficiently interested in what you offer to leave his email address. It’s a first step towards buying. With their email, you will be able to work your leads commercially, through solicited and quality communications – no spam of course!

As a web marketer apprentice, your goal should be to generate as many leads as possible. Indeed, you know that out of 100 leads generated, you will have X customers at the exit. And to generate leads, you have to place forms everywhere on your website. This is where the WordPress ConvertPlug plugin comes in.

So, ConvertPlug allows you to first design forms easily from a graphical interface. Then you can either place them within your content, or in popups also designed with the GUI. Pretty practical no? But that’s not all. The plugin can then connect to a multitude of different CRMs to send your leads.

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Improve the speed of your site: W3 Total cache

The speed of your website is fundamental to make users want to walk on it. You’ve already experienced this, I’m sure: what’s more annoying than navigating on a slow site? Well for your users, it’s the same thing. If your website is too slow, they’ll just go to the site next door (you know, your competitor’s).
To optimize the speed of your site, there is a WordPress plugin that works wonders: W3 Total Cache . How it works ? To put it simply, it does 2 main things:

  • It records a static version of your site on the server hard drive, to return it to each visit (faster than generating the page again each time).
  • It compresses the html / css / javascript code as much as possible before sending it on the network.

We really encourage you to test this Web-marketing WordPress plugins. You will feel the speed difference yourself!

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Revive your old content: TAO Schedule Update

The very principle of blogging is to create a loyal audience. Whenever you publish something, you have a small peak of traffic on the last post. Then a few weeks / months later, this post falls into the oblivion of your blog. No problem in itself: your blog is intended to be regularly fed with new content. However, among these forgotten contents, some had made boxes. So it would be silly then to leave them in plan, on page X of your site.

So, the technique is to re-write your old content and republish them under the same url! Why rewrite them? Just because your readers want something new! And why under the same url? To take advantage of the SEO of the old content. Not stupid, no?

There are quite a few people using this technique. And yet, she is formidable! For that, you need to install the TAO Schedule Update plugin . It will allow you to duplicate one of your posts already published, to re-write it next and plan it at a later date. When publishing the new version, your new post will come to overwrite the old one, without changing the URL.

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Get rid of spam: Akismet

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If you are on the web, then you already know the scourge of spam. Many webmasters are fighting with various free solutions, captchas, mathematical questions to curb this epidemic that hits websites. The problem of these free solutions is that it does not necessarily work well and it bothers the user (who wants to decipher an illegible door number before you can post a comment!)

This is where the Aksimet Web-marketing WordPress plugins comes into play. Whenever a comment is posted on your site, Akismet sends it first to its online servers. There, an algorithm scans and analyzes it in real time to determine if it is a spam or a real comment.

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In fact, the algorithm learns spam that it receives. And since it is used by many big websites, it is almost never wrong!
Here we went around the most useful plugins for easy web marketing with a WordPress site.We use them regularly on our own websites, and this is a time saving and considerable efficiency. Also, we warn you right away: some of these plugins are paying. And if you still have a doubt, do not hesitate to ask your questions in the comments.