Help you Find The Right Blog Topic

Right blog topic

Right blog topic. The success of your blog depends crucially on its author. Exactly, of you!. The motivation and passion you invest in the blog and the value you can offer your readers. So if you want to create your own blog , you should think carefully about what blog topic you want to write about and why.

And even before you register a domain, install WordPress or choose a theme!

Below is a checklist of 5 questions to help you find the right blog topic:

1. Not a vague idea yet?

You probably did not call this article without at least a vague idea about which topic you want to blog about.

But if you really do not have a clue, it can be helpful to orientate yourself on initially popular blogger topics. Right blog topic.

These include, for example:

  • To travel
  • Food
  • Photography
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • DIY
  • Technology
  • Family & children
  • Literature
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Animals
  • Finances

Of course, you should not limit yourself to these topics. You can start a blog about (almost) any topic!

2. Is the right blog topic for you?

Most bloggers abandon their blog in the first year.

This can of course have many reasons. But one of the most common is: You have chosen the wrong blog topic.

To avoid that, we have put together a checklist with 5 questions. Based on which you can judge, whether you have really found the right blog topic or whether you shoot yourself only in the leg. Right blog topic.

Question # 1: Are you interested in the blog topic?

Be honest: Do you really feel passion for the topic you want to write about and would not you have a problem writing about it everyday? If so, you should be able to answer yes to at least one of the following questions:

  • Do you read books about the blog topic?
  • Do you read studies on the topic or regularly news about it?
  • Have you ever been to a seminar on the subject?
  • Would you even give a seminar?
  • Do you deal with the blog topic in any way every day?
  • Would you start case studies or projects on the subject?

If you can not answer yes to any of the questions, just keep your hands off, otherwise nothing will come out of your blog and you’re just wasting your time.

Question # 2: Are you ready to write 50+ posts on the topic?

As a blogger, you will not become famous and successful overnight. Even if that is conveyed to you by some self-proclaimed gurus.

A blog is a lot of work at first, so it’s important that you have the staying power to write 50, 100, or even 200 blog posts until you get visible results. If you are not ready for it, you should not even start blogging. Right blog topic.

Of course, you do not have to come up with content and headlines for all your future blog posts right away, but try the following:

1. Grab a sheet of paper and a pen
2. Think about headlines for 20 blog posts
3. If you find it difficult to come up with more than 10 ideas, you may need to rethink your topic

Question # 3: Are you an expert in the topic?

You do not necessarily have to write a thesis on your topic. You do not need to have any work experience, a college degree, or any other qualification related to your topic. But you should definitely have more idea of ​​your topic than your target audience.

That is, if your target audience are beginners , you should be more advanced . If you are an advanced , you should be a professional . And if your target audience is professionals then you should actually be a master in your field.

Of course, you can also grow with the blog and gradually gain more knowledge and experience than your target audience. But it is definitely easier if you already have a clue. It’s also better to keep your motivation up, because you’re getting better at your target group right from the beginning, and writing is easier.

1. Take 5 minutes (think of a timer)
2. Write down any topics, interests, or hobbies where you have more idea than the average
3. When you’re done, return to questions 1 and 2

Question # 4: Are there other successful blogs on the subject?

Why reinvent the wheel and plunge into an unknown market? If there are other successful blogs about your blog topic, that’s an indication that you can succeed with your blog too.

To find such blogs, it is easiest to search Google (eg “top abc-blog”, “best abc-blog”, “best known abc-blogs” etc.).

Whether a blog is successful, you be recognized, for example, by the following indicators:

  • Many fans and followers on Facebook (10,000+), Instagram (5,000+), Twitter (2,500+) etc.
  • High visibility on Google
  • High visitor numbers (20,000+ unique visitors or 25,000+ page views per month, see data in the media kit or on the “About us page”, also recognizable by an Alexa Rank of less than 1 million)
  • High prices for sponsored posts
  • 1,000$ profit or more per month
  • 200+ published blog posts
  • Has existed for two or more years

Of course, these are just rough guideline values ​​that do not all have to be met for a blog to be considered successful.

In addition, the weighting of the individual license plates is also a bit in the eye of the beholder. For example, monthly profit is more important than reach.

Question # 5: Can You Make Money With The Theme?

This question does not come at the beginning. Whether you can earn money with a topic is important, but still secondary.

Of course, a blog can also be successful if it’s all about your money. But your visitors will notice if you just want to sell something to them. It runs like a thread through everything you write, and eventually your visitors lose interest. Blog topics list.

And you too will notice it, because writing about something just for the sake of money is not very fulfilling in the end.

It is different if you really feel passion for a topic. Then your blog is not just a means to an end but a means of self-realization.

But back to answering the actual question:

In general, you can earn money with any topic. The question is how much and with much effort .

Some topics, such as Congratulations, song lyrics or quotes can be made only by a long range and displayed banner advertising to make money.

Niches where it is possible to either sell your own products or promote the products of other companies, can usually make better money. You can check the following:

  • Are there many products already on your blog topic?
  • What is the margin for the products?
  • Are there any affiliate programs in the field and what are the fees?
  • Are there any companies posting sponsored posts on the subject?
  • Are there many product-related keywords in the field?
  • Do these keywords have a high CPC?
  • Would your target group pay for solving a particular problem?