How To Earn Money With Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are the perfect place to promote yourself and your company. Discover our tips to use Facebook groups for your marketing.

If you really want to achieve success with it, advertising is actually the only option. Fortunately, there is one – maybe even better! – alternative: Facebook groups. These groups can be incredibly valuable to your blog or business and when you are active in the right way, it can bring you countless new customers and visitors.

We have been active for several months in a few Facebook groups. Since we regularly share our knowledge and expertise, we have gained a lot of new visitors – and with that more income! In this article we tell you why Facebook groups are the place to be for you , how you can use them cleverly to grow your blog or business and what mistakes you should avoid.

Why Facebook Groups So Important

You have direct contact with your target group – By means of blog posts or newsletters you can give valuable information to your target group, but in Facebook groups you can really talk to them. This allows you to give customers that extra attention, but also questions that need to be met or where there are possible points for improvement.

People can get to know you – The better people get to know you, the sooner they trust you and the greater the chance that they want to take a product or service from you. Do not be too businesslike in the groups, just be nice to yourself.

Show your expertise – By actively participating in discussions and conversations, you can show how much knowledge you have in-house and you can subtly set yourself up as an expert.

Get in touch with colleagues – There are countless groups where you can find other bloggers and (online) entrepreneurs and by actively participating in those groups, you can expand your network and maybe even build friendships.

Develop yourself – We learn new things almost daily in the Facebook groups where we active. Because we can read along with the questions that others ask, we have learned so much in recent times about things like marketing, branding and administrative matters.

Get ideas – When you are in groups where your target group is, it is smart to keep track of which topics are often treated (and to what kind of knowledge or product is a question). You can then use that information as inspiration for new blog articles or new products / services.

You Can Promote your Company Or Blog In Facebook Groups

Be helpful – As we said above, Facebook groups are the perfect place to share your knowledge and thus put yourself as an expert. That way you can help others further and at the same time bring your blog or company to the attention. Try to be really helpful in the first place; if you always give simple and short answers to place a link, people will quickly poke through your “good intentions”.

Introduce yourself – This is one of the easiest ways to promote yourself and yet so few people do it. Try to teach yourself to always introduce yourself when you sign up in a new group. That way you can easily tell who you are, what you do and what you have to offer.

Errors In Facebook Groups

The group rules violate – Each group has rules – such as whether or not to post links to your own website or only ask questions about certain topics – and it is important that you really stick to it. If you do not, it is not really conducive to your name first and secondly there is a big chance that you will be thrown out in no time .

Your profile is on private – When you regularly share valuable knowledge. Chances are that people visit your profile to see if they can find more information about you and your company. When your profile is on private, the path will soon die and you can miss out on a lot of potential customers or visitors.

There is no website on your profileFollowing the previous tip: Put your website clearly on your profile. So that people can find it immediately when they visit your personal account.

Just dropping left – If you want Facebook groups to actually give you something, it is not enough to just leave a link now and then. As we said, it is important that you add value so that people can trust you and see your expertise. And with a little bit of patience, that ultimately automatically leads people to knock on your door for certain products or knowledge.