6 WordPress Job Search Themes For Your Site

WordPress job search themes

Run on the basis of WordPress labor exchange is not a difficult task. In this category there are many wonderful WordPress job search themes topics and, after a short search, you will find a suitable solution.However, here it is necessary to bear in mind one important circumstance. All the topics in this category can be conditionally divided into two categories: those that use the WP Job Manager plug-in functionality and those that do without it. In this review, we indicate the compatibility of the theme with this plugin, but if you select the topic yourself, we highly recommend paying attention to this fact.

WordPress Job Search Themes

WP Job Manager

WordPress job search themes

If you were already interested in the issue of organizing a job search site, then you probably came across WP Job Manager plug-in. This mega popular WordPress job search themes from Mike Jolly and Automattic, which has more than 60 thousand active installations. Due to its popularity, there are many topics that support working with it.

Because this WordPress job search themes provides the necessary functionality, the developers focus on design and ergonomics. But a rich choice of topics may make it difficult to choose, especially if you are not sure what functionality you plan to offer the user. With plug-ins you can do everything from integration with Woocommerce to authorization via Facebook. Here is just a short list of the main features of WP Job Manager:

  • Convenient management of vacancies and offers with the ability to tie them to different categories.
  • Adding lists to pages using shortcode
  • The opportunity for employers to register themselves, add and edit job advertisements.
  • The possibility for candidates to independently offer their services (add-on)
  • A paid list of vacancies using Woocommerce (add-on)
  • Notification of registered users about new vacancies by e-mail
  • More than 27 additions
    Before turning to the topics presented here, I draw your attention once again: not all topics are compatible with this plugin, so carefully study the documentation on a particular topic.

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WordPress job search themes

Jobify claims the title ” The most popular topic for the job search site ” on ThemeForest.

Widescreen slider on the main page and lists of the latest jobs added, as well as listings of offers by category. However, the home page, and all the rest, can easily be transformed into something more extravagant it all depends only on your imagination.

In its functionality, relies on WP Job Manager and provides all of its main features, including fast live search and multiple filters.

Certainly, in conclusion it is worth noting the use of the Sidekick plug-in – the interactive manual developed with it will allow you to reduce the time spent on product development in a few times.

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WordPress job search themes

WorkScout , in our opinion, is one of the most impressive WordPress job search themes on the market. The authors managed to find the perfect balance between ergonomics, free space and properly arranged color accents.

The basic and necessary functions are carried out as conveniently as possible for the user – sending resume, bookmarks and request for notification via e-mail are, as they say, at the fingertips. The theme of the theme includes several free add-ons, such as a sliderand Visual Composer.

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WordPress job search themes

A beautiful, truly beautiful WordPress job search themes with a large amount of free space. Of course with adaptive design and support for retina-displays.

This WordPress job search themes offers two options for the home page with a job search and a map. Registered employers and job seekers can leave their job openings and CVs directly from the front-end . Each message, of course, can appear in public access after approval by the administrator.

Among other advantages Jobmonster should note:

  • Vacancy lists available to paid subscribers (using Woocommerce).
  • Separate message boards for employers and job seekers.
  • The employer can conduct simultaneously several enterprises with separate lists of vacancies.
  • Job seekers can add interested offers to bookmarks, request alerts about vacancy status changes and offer their services in various ways: by writing, downloading resume, via LinkedIn.

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WordPress job search themes

Jobseek is an elegant, fully adaptive WordPress job search themes. Containing everything you need. The design of the home page is carefully thought out and does not cause censures. The only complaint to developers is the FIND A JOB button, which leads to a page with a search form. Why not make a search form on the main page?

From the functional – a full set of features WP Job Manager, although in some cases you will need to purchase individual plug-ins for an additional fee.

In the basic version there are:

  • Visual Composer
  • Slider
  • Module for registration through front-end

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WordPress job search themes

One of the few topics that does without the WP Job Manager plug-in . It is extremely flexible in the settings and allows you to implement any design ideas. There are only five pieces of home pages:

  • Full-width map
  • Slider
  • Heading for the whole width of the page
  • Different widgets
  • Simple list of vacancies

It’s great that the search bar is located just below the top colon: whatever type of home page you choose, the visitor will always be able to start the search from the first page.

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So, as you can see, the choice of topics is very wide. Among them there are those that rely on the popular plugin WP Job Manager, and those that do without it. In any case, due to their functionality is wide and also enough to satisfy the needs of most users.

On the other hand, the possibilities of those in this category are so similar that it is rather difficult to make the right choice. To do this, you need to carefully analyze first of all your needs and determine the functionality that you really need.Maybe With an eye, of course, for further development.