9+ Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

WordPress notification bar plugins

This WordPress notification bar plugins are an exceptionally effective tool for stimulating the user’s transition to the required page. In addition, they serve to display important information,because they always attract the user’s attention. Some plugins contain forms for data entry and can serve, for example, to organize subscriptions to mailing lists.

In online stores, the notification panels are actively used to notify visitors about promotions and discounts and, thus, are a powerful mechanism to increase sales.

In this review, we will only talk about some of the most functional and attractive best WordPress notification bar plugins. Each plugins has its own merits, many functions and the ability to adapt the appearance to style and design of your site. We have no doubt that thanks to this review, you will be able to select the plug-ins.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

WP notification bar

A quality premium WordPress notification bar plugins that has all the necessary features. This WordPress notification plugins can contain simple text, a form for entering e-mail or authorization on the site, social network icons and a countdown timer.

And all this is enclosed in adaptive containers and will be correctly displayed on any screens. In addition, the settings panel allows you to control the position on the page and the color gamut with almost no restrictions.

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BugMeBar WordPress plugin

A simple but eye-catching WordPress notification bar plugins with very beautiful and catchy color effects. It can be placed anywhere on the page, and in addition, it can set cookies and not be displayed on a subsequent page visit, if the user suddenly does not want to see it anymore.

Among other features it should be noted:

  • Specify the pages on which the panel will be displayed, and which do not.
  • Setting the duration of cookies.
  • Full control over the appearance, including the choice of color, transparency, etc.
  • The ability to shift fixed colonies, while maintaining the integrity of the layout.
  • The ability to enable or disable CSS3 transitivity and animation.

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Hello Bar

One of the best WordPress notification bar plugins . And, besides it’s free, although its functionality is not inferior to its premium counterparts.

To use Hello bar, just go to the home page of the plugin and enter the URL of your blog. Next you will go to the settings panel, where you can configure the location and appearance of notifications. And the settings panel has a preview function, so you can quickly give your notifications the desired look.

After completing the settings, you will receive a snippet of code that you need to insert directly onto the site page. If you do not feel qualified enough for this operation, you can install a special plug-in, which will do for you this routine work.

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DW Promobar

A fairly simple WordPress notification bar plugins containing only the most necessary. The notification panel can display plain text, a button, a link or a countdown timer . It looks attractive and gives full control over all settings.

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Foobar – WordPress Notification Bars

This review will not be complete unless we mention Foobar. This is one of the most widely used premium WordPress notification bar plugins of this class. It contains more than 30 settings. This WordPress notification bar plugins allows you to configure the notification bar separately for each page .

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WordPress Notification Bar

Free WordPress notification bar plugins , easy to use and activate. The contents of the panel can be plain text, and also contain a button associated with a specific action. Due to the wide possibilities of color settings, you can perfectly adapt the panel to the design of your site.

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Royal Footer Bar

WordPress notification bar plugins of the highest class, really “royal”. He looks very professional and has a wide range of options.

The dashboard can contain plain text, a form for subscribing to mailing lists and various links, including accounts in social networks. In the settings panel you can not only set the necessary settings, but also get full statistics about the activity.

The highlight of this plugin is that the developers called the A / B / C test – you can set several options for the settings and, having evaluated them in the working environment, choose the most appropriate site concept.

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Notification Bar

A very simple WordPress notification bar plugins that displays the notification bar either at the top or at the bottom of the page. Includes 5 color options for a text message or button .

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Easy Heads Up Bar

This free WordPress notification bar plugins also has its own highlight. You can create multiple notification panels and display them on the page at random. A good solution for advertising various products! This leaves complete control over the appearance and content of the panel itself.

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Quick Notice Bar

Efficient and rich in terms of functionality notification bar. Simple and fast installation and full customization of all parameters. In addition to regular text messages, social media buttons and a link to Google AdSense can be embedded in the panel.

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Sticky Notification Bar For WordPress

Sticky Notification Bar WordPress notification bar plugins creates nice stickers on the site, which are display only when scrolling. As an administrator, you have full control over all the attributes of the stickers, their location on the page and the color design.

As for the contents of the stickers, then you have complete freedom of choice – from simple text, to social network buttons and the ability to use stickers as menu items for navigating the site.

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