15+Collect Email Address WordPress Plugins

Email Address WordPress Plugins

Mailing lists are a time-tested marketing strategy that has convincingly proved its effectiveness. Many campaigns spend a lot of money for promotion resource in social networks. This is an important and effective part of the advertising process, but much of the success in this case goes to the social network itself. If you regularly publish interesting materials, mailing will help to inform about this the recipients who are in the mail database and thereby maintain interest in the blog or site. For an online store, this can be a mailing list about new earnings or promotions.Today we will discuss the best email address WordPress plugins for collecting the address collection and forming the database of your subscribers.

Best Email Address WordPress Plugins

Bloom Opt-in Plugin

Bloom plug-in from the developer ElegantThemes recently appeared on the market, but has already gained popularity thanks to the comprehensive approach that it offers to form a subscriber database.

Over 100 different design options for the form for entering the email address, different locations on the page, triggers that cause the appearance of the form, for example after the user scrolls the page down or after a certain period of inactivity of the visitor on the page.

There is a built-in A / B testing mechanism, which will reveal the most effective design, place and time of appearance of the corresponding form.

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Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads has a huge collection of professionally designed forms, but it also allows you to create them yourself using the built-in drag-and-drop editor.

You can place these forms anywhere on the page, in headers, or directly in the message body. A built-in A / B testing capability and detailed statistics will allow you to accurately determine the best design and layout option for your blog.

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OptinMonster – email address WordPress plugins is light and fast, but in its capabilities a real monster. Instead of boring and monotonous pop-ups, users will see stylish and colorful dialogs, forms built into the sidebar or directly in the message text. These forms and windows can be assigned separately for each particular page.

The possibility of A / B testing and various statistical reports will help to identify the most effective form of attracting subscribers. Integration with the services of MailChimp and A Weber will immediately use the accumulated data, adding them to mailing lists.

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WP Notification Bar Pro

How often simple things can be multilateral! We already mentioned this email address WordPress plugins in the overview on notification panels. In the overview of plug-ins for placing advertising banners, and here again WP Notification Bar Pro. In fact – if it is so thoughtful and functional and can contain all sorts of elements, then why can not it be forms for subscribing to mailings?

This email address WordPress plugins has a large set of ready-made panels that can be placed anywhere: at the top of the page, at the bottom, on the sidebar or in the text of the message. Each panel can be bound only to certain pages.

In general, the form for subscription to the mailing list will be exactly where you need it and exactly in the form in which you think it is necessary.

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Subscribe Pro

A very high quality email address WordPress plugins. As you might expect, it provides full control over the appearance and location of the form for entering the e-mail address, as well as the time of appearance : after scrolling the page, after a certain time of browsing, when switching to another page, etc.

Another useful feature is the fine control of cookies. Due to this, you can control the frequency of appearance of the form without causing irritation to the user.

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Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups is a very popular email address WordPress plugins for displaying a pop-up window containing a form for entering e-mail and subscribing to mailings . Unlike the above mentioned WP Notification Bar Pro, it was originally conceive as a plugin for collecting email addresses . But thanks to similar functionality it can display any other information. For example discount discounts, special offers, act as a social castle, etc. Integration with popular mail services (MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, etc.) will automatically add new addresses to the appropriate mailing list.

This email address WordPress plugins contains over 50 ready-made themes with built-in pop-up modules, 8 design options for the pop-up window and 74 animation effects!

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Completely adaptive design and full control over the layout of the form and its contents provides a plugin Getsitecontrol. In the form itself, in addition to the field for entering e-mail, you can place a text message, an image and even a mini-poll or chat! In addition, it can be a panel with buttons of popular social networks, so this email address WordPress plugins allows you to promote your site not only through mailing lists, but also in social networks.

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Wonderful email address WordPress plugins. Plugmatter generates very beautiful and effective panels with forms for subscribing to newsletters. It already includes 10 ready-made templates , but thanks to the built-in template editor you can say that their number is not limited – you can create forms of any, even the most extravagant design.

In addition, this email address WordPress plugins contains an A / B testing mechanism and detailed reports for each form, so you can easily select the design and layout that will bring the largest number of subscribers.

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Popup Domination

The Popup Domination email address WordPress plugins is very popular and is used on very many sites.Its functionality is extremely wide – forms can appear when a user leaves a page , scrolls down material or after a certain time on the page. You can bind to certain pages you can specify which pages and which forms will be displayed. Separately, mention geotargeting – for visitors from different countries will be displayed different forms.

Powerful analytical capabilities allow you to determine whether you have guessed with the design and location on the page or you need to change something.

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Simple Signup

This very simple email address WordPress plugins has very wide customization possibilities. You can freely experiment with appearance and location, achieving the most effective results. In general, this is an excellent choice, especially if you use MailChimp as a mailing list service.

By the way Simple Signup is faithful to the end of its purpose and its activation occurs in the same spirit – you need to enter your e-mail or MailChimp ID.

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Opt-In Panda

This email address WordPress plugins can be attributed to the so-called social locks. The only difference that to unblock the content you just need to enter your e-mail. Don’t share the link in social networks. Otherwise, the principle of work is the same – you hide from the visitor the main part or all of the material and open access only after entering the appropriate information (in this case, e-mail).

If you use MailChimp, Aweber, GetReponse or other popular mailing services, then you have nothing to worry about anymore – e-mail will be immediately added to the mailing lists and one of your subscribers will receive regular notifications.

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Optin Forms

Let the free Optin Forms and inferior to the functionality of its premium colleagues. But with the main task collecting e-mail addresses of visitors is doing fine. Yes, to change the design you will have to immerse yourself in the analysis of HTML tags and CSS selectors. But you will save money and improve your level of knowledge.

By the way with the integration with the mail services, too, everything is in order. Among the supported:

  • Aweber
  • iContact
  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • MadMimi
  • Interspire Email Marketer

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In this review, there have plugins that display various pop-up notifications on the website or blog . Of course, this is due to similar functionality – as a rule, in a pop-up window you can place various interface elements, including text fields and buttons. So you can use these windows to enter e-mail addresses.

It is for this reason that the Hellobar email address WordPress plugins came into this review. In addition to the wide possibilities in terms of design and functionality. Hellobar also has an A / B-testing function. Which it is possible to achieve the highest effectiveness of this tool. To attract the maximum possible number of subscribers.

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All the email address WordPress plugins that we mentioned in this review are certainly worthy of your attention. But we would like to highlight two of them. The first one is Bloom. Its main advantage is a strong professional team, which will please us with new exciting opportunities. The second – Thrive Leads for the best value for money.

But whatever plug-in you choose, remember – its main goal is to create a community of subscribers to your blog or buyers of your online store. This, and only this determines the effectiveness of a decision.