Best Simple Tricks For Real Instagram Followers

real Instagram Followers

Real Instagram followers. New algorithm of Instagram is very strict. It is increasingly difficult to grow your Instagram account in a natural way. But it is not impossible; with the right tips and tricks you can make your account better and more visible, so you will automatically attract new followers. Today we share the best tips to give your account a boost and grow quickly on Instagram.

Real Instagram Followers


1. Choose an easy name – Make it as easy as possible for people to find you by choosing a name that is easy to spell and pronounce.

2. Provide a good profile picture – As long as you are not a big company, it is best to use a picture of yourself as a profile picture. Choose a photo that fits well with what you want to radiate with your account.

3. Write a good / funny / attractive biography – Make clear who you are, what you do and why people should absolutely follow you.

4. Make your account public – If people can not see your photos, they have little reason to follow you and they probably will not. So make sure your account is public.

5. Do not forget your email address – Do you have a large account or your own company? Then put your email address in your bio, so that potential customers or companies can reach you immediately. If you have a company account, you have a separate box for this.

6. Add a website – If you have a company or blog, you should of course not forget to put the link of your website in your profile.


7. Find a focus – If you want to grow on Instagram, it’s smart to choose a certain focus. What do you want to radiate and / or where do you want to be known? Do you want to share travel photos? Your daily breakfast? Or just images of yourself and the things you do? By choosing a clear theme, you make yourself interesting for a targeted audience and you will attract new followers sooner.

8. Be selective – For each photo you want to post, think about whether it matches what you want to show with your account and whether it matches the other photos in your feed. If yes: upload quickly. If not, you may want to post the photo better in your story instead of in your feed.

9. Edit all your photos in the same way – If you want your feed to be a nice unit, your photos must fit together. You can do this by editing them in the same way or using the same color palette.

10. Look ahead – There are several apps that allow you to schedule Instagram photos, so you can see if the photo you want to upload fits well with the rest of your feed.


11. Use natural light – The most beautiful pictures are made with natural daylight. So make your photos outside or near a window as much as possible. In the first few hours after sunrise and before sunset you often have the best light.

12. Do not use the Instagram camera – You can make your photos via the Instagram app, but that is not really recommended. You’d better opt for a DSLR or the camera of your phone so that you can adjust your settings and take multiple photos at once. Real Instagram followers.

13. Edit your photos – By editing your photos, you can make them even more beautiful. You can use different apps or programs for this, but you can also use the editing options of Instagram itself.

14. Take several photos in a row – The more photos you take, the greater the chance that there is a good one between them.

15. Try different perspectives – Try to photograph from a different angle more often. Bag through your knees, for example, stand on a stool or take a step closer; who knows that delivers a much better shot than the photo you initially had in mind.


16. Be personal – Use your captions regularly to share something about yourself and your life. That way your followers will get to know you better and the more they feel connected to you, the greater the chance that they stay involved.

17. Ask a question – A smart way to provoke engagement is by asking a question. Ask for example the favorite country of your followers if you share a travel photo or what they had for breakfast that morning when you post a picture of your own breakfast. More Instagram followers instantly.

18. Use a call to action – In addition to asking a question, you can also provoke action in other ways. This can be done by using a call to action at the end of your caption, such as:
• Click on the link in the bio
• Leave a comment if
• Tag a friend who
• Visit the website for


19. Use hashtags – If you do not use hashtags yet, we recommend that you start doing that quickly. Hashtags ensure that your photo becomes visible to a wider audience, which can provide new followers.

20. Use relevant hashtags – To attract people who are actually interested in what you share, it is important that you use relevant hashtags that fit the purpose and the look of your account. Real Instagram followers.

21. Check how active your hashtags are – You obviously have nothing to do with the hashtags under your photo barely used or used so often, that your photo is quickly snowed under by a new load of photos. Therefore, analyze the hashtags that you use regularly.

22. Hide your hashtags – To keep your caption clear, you can choose to “hide” your hashtags. You can do this by putting the hashtags in a reaction or by using a few enters in your caption and placing your hashtags underneath.


23. Be consistent – If you want your followers to stay involved, it is important that you post a new photo regularly. It is often recommended to post daily, but we think it is especially important that you choose a schedule that is feasible and that you can be consistent with. It is better to always post three photos per week, than for a while each day and then only once a week because you are through your good photos. Real Instagram followers.

24. Like and react – If you give little, you will receive little. Like and respond regularly to the photos that pass in your feed.

25. Respond to the reactions you get – Respond as much as possible to the reactions you receive. This way you show your followers that you appreciate their comment and the chances are that they will respond again the next time. Real Instagram followers.

26. Find people with the same focus – Look for people who share similar photos on their Instagram and respond regularly to their photos. In this way you make yourself visible to their followers, who are probably also interested in your account.

27. Follow your followers – Of course you do not have to follow everyone who follows you, but if there are people who often respond to your photos or always give a like, it is so nice when you follow them back and also regularly in their photos reacts. Real Instagram followers.

28. Use Instagram stories – It seems that the use of Instagram stories makes your account appear more often in the feed of your followers. But even if that is not the case, it is good for your commitment to regularly show your followers the “less perfect” photos of yourself and your life.


29. Add tags – By adding locations, you make sure that you see photos when people search on that location.

30. View your statistics – If you want to grow on Instagram, it is important that you know what works and what does not work. You should therefore regularly view your statistics and adjust your strategy accordingly. If you have a company account, you can view your statistics via the top right button. When you have a personal account, you can use apps like Simply Measured and SocialRank to view the statistics of your account.