25+ Premium WordPress Fashion Themes

WordPress fashion themes

If you plan to launch a site devoted to the world of fashion, then obviously you want that he would also look fashionable, stylish and modern. In addition, it would be nice if he was flexible in the settings, and not only when creating, but also in further use, because the world of fashion is known to be changeable, and your site must correspond to it.In addition, do not forget about the commercial side of fashion business is profitable and it can be good to earn.Today we present a review  a large selection of WordPress fashion themes. It can be a personal blog about fashion, a boutique or fashion accessories store , a portfolio of a fashion photographer or a modeling agency.

WordPress Fashion Themes


I’ve already talked about Divi in ​​the reviews on various topics, but it’s so powerful, flexible and versatile that I’ll have to mention it in the context of talking about fashion.

This WordPress fashion themes is extremely easy to configure and change thanks to the built-in page editor and powerful administrative panel, with which you can change everything – from fonts and color design, to the title and layout of the page as a whole.

Divi translated into 32 languages ​​of the world. Which is especially valuable for fashion websites. Thanks to this, you can easily create sites that are adapted to different countries.

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Another WordPress fashion themes, often found in our reviews. Extra owes its popularity to all the same Divi, as it was created with the help of the Divi Builder editor.

The theme is perfectly adapted to sites that quickly change like the fashion itself. Compatibility with the WooCommerce platform will allow you to easily and quickly deploy online sales. The Extra features allow you to create a unique and recognizable brand.

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“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing to clean.” These words of Exupery are fully applicable to the WordPress fashion themes Olsen. Strongly expressed minimalism and clear design only emphasize and shade the content, completely not hammering it.

To help the developer, the theme contains demo materials, so that by installing it you can immediately get a working site, and then in the image and likeness fill it with your own material. However, in terms of design, there are almost no restrictions either – you are free to change not only the content, but also the design, managing more than 80 parameters from the settings panel.

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Uncode is a multi-purpose and extremely powerful WordPress fashion themes that can be used for sites of very different topics, including, of course, devoted to clothing, fashion or perfume.

If we talk about the possibilities and function of this topic, then simply listing them will take a lot of time. This is an improved version of the Visual Composer page editor, and adaptability of the interface, and over 20 ready-made home page templates (among which there is also a template dedicated to fashion). Various kinds of menus, portfolios, galleries and much more.

And at the same time, the setup and management of the topic is very easy and understandable and it will save you a lot of time, allowing you to create, however, your unique and unique site.

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One of the most popular WordPress fashion themes. There are probably several reasons for this popularity, but one of them is the availability of more than 50 ready-made templates, among which there are templates intended for the site about fashion. Add here 18 variants of the header, 7 variants of the blog design , several portfolios and sliders and you will realize that the number of design options from the ready-made components is huge. And using the drag-and-drop editor of pages increases their number almost to infinity.

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Very attractive topic both externally and by its capabilities. A great choice for a blog about fashion . The theme is very fast, with good search engine optimization.

Full-screen design with parallax effect and side panels at your service with the right choice of background image will capture the attention of the visitor from the first page.

And besides, it has an excellent potential for monetizing your blog – this is one of the best themes, adapted to Google AdSense.

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The Voux

A modern, stylish and exceptionally high-level WordPress fashion themes, created with an eye to the fashion world.Attracts attention aligned to the center of the page logo and a wonderful mega-menu.

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DeVoe is a glossy fashion magazine on your website. Various layout options, wide scalability, various types of messages with support for photo and video materials will raise your site to a new quality level.

This WordPress fashion themes is distinguished by perfect integration with social networks, which, of course, will promote the growth of the popularity of your site.

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Right Folio

Completely adaptive and very professional WordPress fashion themes Right Folio has an interesting. In some ways, innovative layout that immediately captures the visitor’s attention.

The customization of the theme is carried out at a high level, the settings panel allows you to perform various manipulations on the site elements without resorting to writing the code.

By purchasing this topic, you receive lifelong support and updates, as well as the possibility of using this topic with an unlimited number of domains.

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The Metz theme is executed exceptionally thoughtfully and neatly. It is felt that the developers are very attentive to all the details. This WordPress fashion themes settings are available with the help of standard WordPress tools and these features are very wide.

The theme includes 13 additional widgets, 5 layout layouts, sliders, various side panels and other useful and useful tools.

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Aurum is a noble theme, like the metal in honor (Latin Aurum – gold).

Each of the templates present in it is executed very professionally, in a minimalist style. At the same time, each of them can be edited in accordance with their vision of design and color palette. To do this, the theme includes the drag-and-drop editor of Visual Composer and many other modules, including sliders (Layer Slider and Revolution Slider), portfolio, product catalog, etc.

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Elegant and attractive theme, great for a model agency or fashion website.

Created using HTML5 / CSS3 and includes the full range of already-familiar elements, such as parallax effect, custom blog post types, SEO optimization, and adaptive interface.

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Slide Mag

A beautiful WordPress fashion themes with a clean design, designed with a focus on content.

The settings panel allows you to change the background or background image, adjust or completely disable the slider on the main page and perform many other manipulations.

By purchasing a topic, you get lifelong support and updates, as well as the ability to use it on an unlimited number of domains.

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A great WordPress fashion themes, created for e-commerce. You can not only talk about fashion, you can sell it. And this is where eCommerce will reveal itself in all its glory.

Wonderful adaptive design, beautiful home page with a presentation block in which you can “expose” the best products, fast “live” search using AJAX technology.

Well, it is clear that such a topic simply can not but support the WooCommerce platform .

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Love Fashion

Another outstanding WordPress fashion themes with a cool modern design. She has everything you need to create a blog about fashion or a fashion store . Fixed and floating layout, slider with various visual effects, megapixel, and many different widgets.

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Fashion Blog Theme

Using the theme of Fashion Blog Theme to create a website or a blog about fashion, you will get a real pleasure. Wonderful design, stylish slider of the main page, showing both images and video, good SEO-optimization will create an unforgettable site in the shortest time.

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The design is minimalistic , but every detail is thought out very carefully. The homepage is somewhat unusually executed, which only increases interest in it.

Well, all the relying “features” – adaptive layout, powerful adminpanel, star rating, various widgets and shortcodes – all with it!

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With the help of Victoria and WooCommerce, you can create a successful online store of clothing , fashion goods or accessories. With the help of Revolution Slider, you can attract a potential buyer from the very first page. By the way, in addition to images, you can install and background video .

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A very powerful multi-purpose theme, suitable for sites of any orientation, but still her hobby is the world of fashion. It does not matter if it’s just a blog or a fashion store . With the first it will cope by definition thanks to actually WordPress, with the second – thanks to close integration with WooCommerce .

Basic uses the Bootstrap framework, which makes it flexible and easily changeable, which is an important factor – because the site should change as quickly as the mod.

Basic uses the standard WordPress settings panel, which has a preview of the changes you make and the Visual Composer page editor that allows you to edit existing ones and create your own pages with lots of different modules.

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An excellent topic for a personal blog about mod e. However, thanks to the integration with WooCommerce , it can also be used to create an online store . Has an attractive widget for a list of images (models or products), and an interesting slider for viewing blog posts.

Powerful settings panel based on the ReduxFramework framework allows you to vary the color gamut and change the design of the site in the widest possible range.

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Completely adaptive, created using HTML5 theme with an attractive layout, a set of interesting widgets and a panel of settings with preview.

Contains demonstration materials, which can reduce the time it takes to run the site. For those who want to advertise on their site, there are special slots located in the most suitable for this area of ​​the page.

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Another excellent WordPress fashion themes from the developer Magazine3, created specifically for the fashion blog . Clean and clear adaptive design and a sea of ​​additional options – widgets, integration with social networks. Setting up menus with drag-and-drop operations right from the admin panel. Perfect support for all modern browsers.

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A relatively new topic with a complete “gentlemanly set” of what is need to create a modern popular blog about the fashion world .

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The nice WordPress fashion themes from MyThemeShop has all the features a blogger needs to cover the world of fashion.

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Fashion Shop

But this topic is focus primarily on the site of a boutique , a fashion store or perfume . Several remarkable sliders and galleries, a large number of shortcodes, a page editor and support for multilingual sites. All this, together with the platform WooCommerce will create a website with an impressive level of sales.

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No, no, your visual memory did not fail you and you did see an identical screenshot called Victoria several topics above. These topics are in fact twins. Simply Victoria is made with an eye on commerce, while her sister Teresa, more refined and elegant, is focused on a blog that is aware of all the latest novelties of the world fashion.
Otherwise, these topics are absolutely identical.

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Braxton an excellent choice for any project based on WordPress, concerning the world of fashion. Already the fact that she entered the Top 10 Forbes.com for 2013 says a lot!

Adaptive design and support for retina-displays will provide a great view on any devices. Integration with WooCommerce will be in demand if you create a site with a bias in commerce, and bbPress will facilitate close communication of visitors and effective feedback from the owner of the site.

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A minimalist WordPress fashion themes with a tiled interface, suitable both for personal use and in the corporate sector. Includes a theme manager, page editor and much more. The modular structure of the theme provides incredible flexibility and download speed. Because it allows you to use only the necessary functionality.

It is worth noting also the excellent and professional technical support service, ready to solve any issue in the shortest possible time.

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Adaptive theme for a blog with a tiled interface. Ideal for personal pages of photographers, photomodels, blogs about social life and other fashionable and near-fashion themes.
Fashionista supports various types of blog posts. Allows you to easily control the width of the layout (you can use both rubber and fixed).

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Do you like it? Which themes are you prefer to use in your website? Leave a comment.