15+ Best WordPress Recipe Themes

wordpress recipe themes

A list of the best WordPress recipe themes for websites or recipe blogs to share your passion in an elegant and professional way. Some of these models may also be suitable for a website for a restaurant, a grocery store, a market, a festival on food, beer, wine, etc.
Most of the themes presented were all designed for food or recipe sites, allowing you to publish articles with different features on the topic. These templates also have different premium features as well as a very good documentation allowing you to create a WordPress site in a user-friendly way.
The recipe sites are very popular in 2018.In this list, we have tried to bring together as many different themes as possible with different visual styles and options to help you find your ideal WordPress recipe themes.

Best WordPress Recipe Themes


Foodica is powerful, elegant and beautiful, flexible and a WordPress recipe themes that adapts to mobile platforms to different styles of websites in the field of food. Whether you are a restaurant, grocery store, food distributor of all kinds, caterer, bakery, etc. Foodica is a rudely interesting choice for its multitude of features and its interesting graphically speaking look. It offers different page templates, retina-ready, responsive for all your pages and articles.
Foodica offers almost infinite flexibility, with tools such as Zoom Framework, the famous Visual Composer and Dynamic Homepage Builder. A multitude of widgets are also available such as Instagram footer and other modules to integrate your different social accounts.

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Soledad is very aesthetic, clean and minimalist. Its design is very professional and graphically very interesting and sophisticated. His navigation is very well structured and intuitive. It is optimized for search engines, offers a nice version adapted to mobile platforms and much more. You have the choice between 250 website demos with this theme. Beautiful homepages as interesting as each other. A theme of choice according to our experience!

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Food & Cook

Food & Cook is a modern, clean theme that can be used for different types of websites. You can use this one to share cooking tips, recipes and more. It is easily customizable with its 6 styles of home pages, these 3 different interfaces for recipe pages, custom widgets, a nice integration with Woo commerce and also allows visitors to your site to publish very easily their own recipes.

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Florentine is a modern, intuitive, visually fresh theme, and a style of websites perfectly suited for the food industry. These features are practical and user-friendly. Whether you want to create a recipe blog or an online food magazine, this template is a great choice for your project.

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Sage is expressive and creative, refined, well-crafted and visually finished, flexible, modern, well structured and offers beautiful visuals from all possible platforms. Sage is an incredibly well-developed theme that can meet many expectations and many contexts of websites. This one comes with 40 website templates in different niches such as the food industry in particular.

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Organici is a model that has been designed to offer a great user experience to users. It’s modern, responsive to perfection, sophisticated, and highly efficient website development without having to program a line of code.

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Be Theme

Be Theme is a creative, colorful, fresh, young, engaging and of course adapts to different screens. Be Theme has been created to answer many contexts of creation of web sites, that is for sites of companies, magazines, blogs or businesses online. As a result, it is equipped with several handy tools, page templates, plugins and comes with more than 220 different styles of websites demos. Be theme is the choice of many webmasters and web designers for all these reasons! Try it today!

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The designs offered by the famous Newspaper theme are able to serve a large number of different websites through the 20 demos for different website contexts. It offers a custom image gallery, smart lists, video playlists, many variations of page styles and posts, a dozen headers and footers, and more .
You will easily be able to add different adsense ads or other thanks to the intelligent advertising management module. It also offers compatibility with Woocommmerce for the creation of a stylish online store.

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Recipes is a classic WordPress recipe themes made especially for sharing your favorite recipes online. This is a WordPress site template perfectly suited for restaurants and food blogs. This one is rather interesting on other types of mobile platforms and tablets. Recipes features are easy to install. A feature well liked by users is the ability to let your visitors publish recipes easily on your blog / site.

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With Neptune, you will be able to share recipes from all over the world hyper easily and quickly on your site. The theme offers the opportunity to add nutritional tips and informative photos. You can add your ingredient lists with different smart options. Next to each ingredient, you can add information about where people can get them. Also, the user can navigate through all your recipes containing a specific ingredient. Neptune is as well optimized for search engines and offers rich snippets for a blog in the diet.

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Food Recipes

Food Recipes is an excellent WordPress recipe themes that can greatly enhance your website. This one offers a beautiful visual. Note that it specializes only for recipe sites. Culinary chefs and kitchen pros can even add informative videos and articles to explain their recipes in detail. The template code has been written by hand and is very SEO-oriented. If you want to see the features of the theme, it offers you a live preview to appreciate them.

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Talisa is a well-developed WordPress recipe themes for blog recipes, using HTML5 Boilerplate for a fast, robust website, with the latest web trends. This one comes with a website demo import tool in 1 click only that is quite convenient. Talisa includes an almost unlimited number of color uses, more than 600 Google typography, custom icons, an advanced search form for your users to easily find your recipes. Also, your visitors can easily share their own recipes with the publication tool on the front-end.

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SocialChef is a premium theme focused on community and revenue sharing. This template is perfect for mobile platforms including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets for an A1 user experience. With SocialChef, you can create a forum on your website or your friends and anyone else interested can share your favorite recipes. SocialChef comes with a lot of features so 12 thematic colors, a well-built search tool, the ability to publish on the front-end with all the options for recipes such as: cooking time, ingredients, the necessary level, the number of servings, categories, nutritional facts, number of desired steps, etc.

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The restaurants do not only offer food, they also offer an experience. The decor and the atmosphere are just as important for a restaurant! A restaurant website should reflect this same experience. The developers of the WordPress Tavern theme have understood the importance of this aspect and have put the emphasis on visuals very professional and up to your restaurant. Restaurant owners can even start their own online business with Woocommerce if necessary. Of course, this theme comes with countless features as mentioned for other themes in this article and is very well suited to different mobile platforms.

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Resca is a light and very strong visually WordPress theme for restaurants and cafes. He is very user-friendly in order to be able to very effectively change information about products, prices and photographs. The theme allows your customers to book online.
Resca was designed in HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap3. It is therefore up to date with the latest trends and features of the web. You will find many interesting options including the creation of drag n drop pages, beautiful animations, interactive pages, sophisticated with a nice selection of colors and typography. You can also integrate Woocommerce if you need an online store.

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Hemlock is a chic, simple, minimalist and visually interesting theme. The theme’s interface makes the customization work easy to perform. It also adapts to different contexts of websites such as business sites, blogs, restaurants, etc. Hemlock comes with nice features such as beautiful grids for your interfaces, a full screen slider, a multitude of page styles for your articles, custom widgets and more.

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