29 Ways to Get Natural Links for Promotions

get natural links

Hello! I am a little impressed by the seminar on contextual advertising, which I will discuss in a future article. Today we will not talk about this. On the agenda is a post on the topic – how to get natural links to your site using these 29 ways.

Many people avoid buying links, considering it an ineffective or expensive way, or a risky job. This article will help you to get natural links without spending a penny.

Methods to Get Natural Links

  1. Place links in the profiles of webmasters and developers on your topic.
  2. Pay for links exclusively to advanced Tweets (so that it looks natural).
  3. More effectively looks a link pointing to some of the content, rather than just a footnote with the words “buy”.
  4. You can pay author’s template Joomla or WordPress with a link to your resource.
  5. Popular links in the widget “RecentBlogPosts”
  6. Participate in media networks.
  7. Apply for membership in SEMPO (an association of companies in the SEO area), not for free, of course.
  8. Build links using the graywolfseo site.
  9. Do not be lazy to contact a well-known, readable journalist who will mark you in his news article.
  10. Browse ads and where it’s possible, buy links.
  11. Doing charity, you not only receive a link, but also help your neighbors.
  12. Buy original content if you can not fill your site yourself and place a redirect.
  13. Buy links in the signatures on the sets of forums (take the number).
  14. Make an authoritative person a gift, and he will not forget to mention you, putting the coveted link.
  15. Buy links from friends on the subject.
  16. Send congratulations on holidays to webmasters, reminding yourself more often, all sorts of little things work for us.
  17. Get sponsorship links, but preferably in the upper areas of magazines and newspapers.
  18. Hire a blogger who will interview webmasters who will further point to your website with the message: “Oh, my interview is here!”
  19. Do not hesitate to recommend a discount to the customer, for the service of placing your link with him.
  20. Make quality graphic pictures and pay for their use with the condition of posting and links to your site.
  21. Do not be superfluous and a few unique photos with their subsequent placement on other sites with a link to yours (the same can be done with video, audio, etc.)
  22. Make your plug-ins any CMS (abandoned and not having authors), for later updates.
  23. Provide sponsorship for any training courses and you will not be forgotten.
  24. You can buy links and traffic to a personal video in Youtube
  25. So do negative reviews on the website with a link. They are better placed on little-known blogs.
  26. Get the article and pay for the discussion.
  27. In rss entries, the blog is automatically filled in, the link there will be very useful.
  28. Buy links in the places of your competitors.
  29. For websites with software: make a free version and distribute to the masses.

I want to say that the human brain is unpredictable and new ideas are being born in it all the time. This list does not describe the whole set, it simply gives food for thought and the birth of new ideas. Thank you for attention.