How to Add Google Forms WordPress

add google forms wordpress

How to Add Google Forms WordPress

Add Google forms WordPress. How to Add Google Forms WordPress Do you want to insert a Google form on the website? Google Form can easily be inserted anywhere on the site. Moreover, this form can be shared with other sites. In this article, I’ll show you how to insert a Google form into a WordPress site.

Google forms vs WordPress forms

Some might wonder why you should even work with Google forms when there are many great plugins for creating custom forms, such as WinForms?

Yes indeed. How to Add Google Forms WordPress There are many powerful WordPress designers that are very easy to use. Moreover, they integrate with the WordPress site, so you can use them to create special offers for users, accept payments, create custom login forms, user registration forms, and so on.

However, there may be a situation where you will need to insert one form on different sites or you need to collect in one place email addresses, How to Add Google Forms WordPress fill in data from forms, data about participants in the webinar. It is in such cases that Google comes to the aid of Google. With the google form is easy to share, it is adaptive and functional. All data from Google forms are stored on Google disk, so you can even draw other people to process the data.

What you can do with Google Forms?

  • You can create surveys, applications, records, questionnaires, contests …
  • The possibility of personalization of fields, texts …
  • You can collect the email addresses of the subscribers to a newsletter
  • Drag and drop the questions to make the form
  • You can add images and videos from YouTube
  • There are several templates to choose from to modify the design
  • You can create your form cooperatively
  • You can use branching and logic options for more complex forms
  • A possibility of using add-ons to improve the form in question
  • You can modify the form in the preview offered by the tool
  • Customization of the confirmation page and the error page
  • Administration of the answers received in the form
  • Much more…

How to add Google Forms WordPress

First, go to the Google Forms site. If you have not already created a form, How to Add Google Forms WordPress then do it by selecting the templates that you like.


The process of creating forms is intuitive – specify the name of the form, description, and then start adding form fields.

Google AI technology automatically selects the correct form fields based on the question you asked. If she suggests the wrong type of field, then this can easily be fixed by selecting the appropriate option manually.


To add a new field, click the “Add” button in the menu. You can also add images and videos.

After the form is ready and completely satisfied with you, How to Add Google Forms WordPress click the “Send” button to get the code to insert the form.


A pop-up window will appear where you will need to click on the “embed” tab. Then click the “Copy” link, and thus you will copy the paste code.


After that, go to the admin panel of the WordPress site and edit the entry or page where you want to insert the form.

In the editing screen, switch to the text editor and paste the received form code.


Do not forget to click the “Save” or “Publish” button to save all changes. Go to the site to check what the Google form looks like.


I hope this article has taught you how to insert Google forms into posts or on WordPress pages.

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