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Top WordPress CRM Plugins

WordPress CRM plugins

WordPress CRM plugins. The main objective of any business enterprise is to increase sales and the most complete satisfaction of customers’ needs. And for this, clients need to know if not everything, then as much as possible. And then the customer relationship management system comes to the rescue.

Best Free WordPress Portfolio Creation Themes

free WordPress portfolio creation themes

Moreover, the amount of material found allowed to make a thematic selection of free WordPress portfolio creation themes.

First of all, these themes for WordPress will suit freelancers of various specializations – web designers, illustrators, photographers, etc. In addition, nobody forbids to blind any corporate template from any template of this collection , as in most themes there are internal pages, such as as a blog, articles, etc.

Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

WordPress pricing table plugins

WordPress pricing table plugins. With the growth in the volume of Internet trading, plug-ins that display on the page information about the value of goods or services are becoming increasingly in demand. Potential buyer must have sufficient information about the product and its price. From the convenience of filing this information depends largely on the decision to purchase.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins

WordPress forum plugins

WordPress forum plugins. There are many PHP-scripts for organizing a forum or bulletin board and among them there are many completely free, powerful and functional.

But if you use WordPress, then there is a logical question – is it possible to make a forum based on this platform? Of course yes! And now we will introduce you to plug-ins, with the help of which it becomes a reality. And not just with plugins, but with the best of them.

Best WordPress PDF Plugins

WordPress PDF plugins

WordPress PDF plugins. Electronic books in this format are also very popular on the Internet. Because they ensure high quality and structuring of the material. Download PDF file on the site of WordPress is easy. Just click the “Add Media” button. But to unleash the full power of the PDF format. Visitors view PDF documents or generate unique, colorful and ready-to-print catalogs, forms, orders and invoices. Without installing additional plug-ins in the browser.

Best WordPress Social Locker Plugins

WordPress social locker plugins

WordPress social locker plugins. The so-called social lock is a very powerful tool for promotion and promotion of a website or blog. The effect of this tool is that the material can not be viewed until the visitor shares a link to it in their account on the social network or informs their email address. Do you think this will scare off the reader? Not at all! If the material is really useful and interesting, then why not share it? And the quality of the material depends entirely on you.

Best Free WordPress News Site Themes

free WordPress news site themes

Best free WordPress news site themes. Launching a news site is a risky business if there are no significant financial investments in the plans. The probability of success is very small. In our case, we do not place much hope on this startup and before the launch we do not want to spend a lot of time and effort, which would go to creating a unique design, quality layout and promotion. Let’s just say – a project for the soul. The site decided to bet on one of the most popular, and perhaps the most popular, blogging WordPress engine.

Best Free WordPress Business Website Themes

free WordPress business website themes

Free WordPress business website themes. The corporate site serves for active attraction of clients, and also allows to organize work of employees of firm. The main task is to inform the client about the fact,what the company does: whether it’s a product or services. The corporate site , depending on the objectives, may contain the following elements:

15+ Free WordPress Blog Themes

free WordPress blog themes

Free WordPress blog themes in various styles for creating thematic, business, personal, cultural, educational and other blogs. WordPress is a great platform for blog. Under her written a lot of plug-ins that make CMS friendly to search engines . And if the author writes regularly, it is interesting, shares experience, working out and useful information, then no doubts about success. Such a blog will have a large attendance.

Best WordPress Pinterest Plugins

WordPress pinterest plugins

Pinterest – a social network that allows you to share images and videos , placing them on “boards” by interests. Share found on the network with the help of special buttons “Pinterest Bookmarklet” or “Pin It” button, similar to the usual Facebook or Twitter buttons. For this review, we have selected some WordPress pinterest plugins that will allow posting on Pinterest messages, photos or videos. There are¬†pinterest plugin WordPress widgets, buttons, counters, galleries and others.

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