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Get to know the best web hosting company of our ranking

The companies you will meet next will lead our ranking of the best website hosting because they offer a great combination of quality, features and price. All have been and are periodically tested by our team of hosting experts.

In our ranking, the best web hosting is FastComet, because of its great value for money. The company provides cheapest packages for startups. Their packages are transparent. Provides 30 days money back guarantee! Package starts from only $2.95/month.


SiteGround provides best web hosting for every types of website. This company is best value for money. The price is little bit higher but you don’t have to worry about the performance and the service. It is worth of every penny.  Price starts from $3.95/month.


best web hosting 3CLOUDS is one of the best company for web hosting. The most amazing thing about them, they are providing 30 days free trial with no payment! They provide free SSL, free Backups and 30 days money back guarantee! This company is from India and their WordPress supports are rock! Price starts from only $2.11/month.


Why it is so important to choose the best website hosting?

It may seem unfair, but a well-built site can be harmed if you’re on a low-quality hosting. Therefore, choosing the best web hosting is crucial to the success of an online business, as it will play a very important role throughout the life of your website. This reality is easy to understand when we analyze the four pillars of web hosting, which are: speed, stability, security and support, as we will see below.


A good performing website loads your pages quickly. And this is essential to ensure that your users stay on the site longer and do not abandon it due to loading time. It is also a crucial factor for online sales. A virtual store that takes time to load, loses sales and revenue. Institutional sites lose potential customers, who will never return to the site.

Search engines, such as Google, also consider the speed of a site as one of the ranking factors, meaning that your site’s position on Google may be impaired if your site does not have a good upload speed.

Therefore, the best website hosting needs to have high-performance servers that will help your site perform, since its speed also depends on the server hosting your site.


The hosting company must ensure that the data on your site is protected against any defect related to the hosting server. If by chance the server has a crash, the company must have an information redundancy system so that no data recorded on the server is lost in the event of an accident.

From a network point of view, the company must be prepared against hacker attacks. It’s true that the site administrator should also make sure that your site does not have areas vulnerable to attack, but the hosting company must have one or more security systems to protect its clients from attacks of that nature. This security is expected from the best web hosting companies.


Aside from the issue of website loading speed, you need to make sure that your website will be available for as long as possible. Nothing more frustrating for the user than trying to access your site and it’s off the air. Unfortunately this can occur in poor quality hostings.

The best hosts have their servers monitored for 24 hours a day and offer an uptime of more than 99.9%.

Your site’s ranking on Google may also be adversely affected if it is often unavailable. By choosing the best website hosting, you ensure that your site will always be available to its users.


When using a hosting service you probably need to trigger the company’s support. You may never have to fix a serious problem, but you may need help to perform some configuration. It is important, at this time, that you have at your disposal efficient support channels that can be quickly triggered, especially in cases of urgency.

Therefore, when choosing the best hosting for your site, make sure that the company offers customer support 24 hours a day, and in your understandable language, preferably, and what channels it offers. You need to be able to count on them whenever you need them.

How to choose the best web hosting

best web hostingContacting any company can be a mistake, so you need to know how to evaluate. But how do you find out the best web hosting, if there are dozens out there? This will depend on a few factors, which we will cover in this article. Let’s start with simple and useful tips on choosing the best hosting.

# 1 – I plan to create my own website:

If you do not have technical knowledge, try a Site Builder. This tool is offered by several companies and the best option to create a website on your own. In this segment, Wix is ​​the best option, but other companies offer good plans. To get more detailed, visit our comparison of the best website designers.

If you have technical knowledge (or willingness to learn), a great option is to create your website with WordPress. With the automatic installer offered by the companies you install WordPress easily and quickly and you can then customize your site. There are even companies that offer WordPress hosting, in which everything is already installed and ready to use.

# 2 – A professional will create my website:

In this case, the professional can help you in choosing the best web hosting or inform you the specifications of the hosting, so you can hire on your own. There are even designers and agencies that offer their own hosting for their clients.

# 3 – I want to change hosting:

If you want to change hosting, you can take advantage of the migration service offered by some of the best web hosting. Many companies offer free migration, such as 3CLOUDS, which is great because it allows you to change hosting without paying more for it.

What features to look for in the best web hosting?

Disk Space

Disk space is the amount of space available on the hosting server to store the content of your site. This includes your site pages, images, videos, music, files, databases, and any content that you are making available on your domain.

Disk space is not usually a problem for most sites, as the best hosting offers good spaces. If you have a website, blog or e-commerce with many products and images, or you can upload or download files, take extra care when analyzing this feature in the hosting.

Traffic or transfer

Traffic is the volume of data exchanged between the computers that access your site and the server where it is hosted. When people visit your site, they download the pages and images that make up the site on their computers. Similarly, when you update or post new files in your account, you upload those files to the server.

A site with many pages and images will consume more traffic band than a site with few pages and light content, even if they receive the same number of visits. So, check the monthly traffic allowed in your hosting plan and stay tuned to the site’s consumption over time.

Availability (server uptime)

Having the website available all the time is crucial. After all, an off-site website undermines the brand’s reputation and compromises the revenue of the business. So make sure your hosting offers an Uptime (server uptime in the air) of over 99.5%. Better yet if you offer an uptime guarantee as this means that it is committed to the quality of your service.

The best hosting sites offer this guarantee, so check what they promise in case of unavailability. Some companies refund the monthly fee paid by the customer, depending on how much time your site became unavailable.

Customer support

It is essential to be able to count on the hosting company whenever you need it. So make sure it supports the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if the service channels meet your needs. The best ones offer support by phone, chat and email. If you do not speak English, look for support in English.

As we can see, some important issues need to be considered when choosing a hosting company. Now that you know the subject, check out our ranking and choose the best website hosting for you, or keep reading our article, which shows some extra tips for you to make the right choice!

What is the best web hosting for you?

An important step in choosing the best web hosting is to identify your need. Know the types of hosting offered by companies:

  • Website creator – ideal for anyone who wants to create a website on their own and has no technical knowledge. The website creation tool is simple, publishing is easy, and hosting is included in the plan.
  • Hosting sites – most popular plan of all, as it meets the need of most sites and is quite cheap. Hosting plans vary by feature, and range from personal blogs to corporate websites and virtual stores.
  • Reseller hosting – plan for anyone who wishes to have their own web hosting company through the reseller system.
  • VPS server – plan more robust than web hosting, and simpler than dedicated. Ideal for those who need to have greater control of the server and resources.
  • Dedicated server – hosting more robust (and expensive) because you have the whole server to use. Features are defined and managed by you. Ideal for sites and blogs with many visits or applications that require a lot of resources.
  • Cloud hosting – this is the most versatile hosting type currently. You pay per use and can increase or decrease the amount of resources available on demand by using the service in an “elastic” way. Ideal for growing websites or having traffic spikes.

Other important issues in choosing the best website hosting

Reputation of the company on the internet

If you already have your favorite hosting companies, but you are in doubt about which one to choose, search them on social networks and Claim Here. You will know what customers are thinking about the companies and how they are responding to the interactions.

If customers post complaints or questions and the company does not respond, they may not be giving their customers the due attention. On the other hand, if there are complaints (all will have), but the company respond in an interested way, it means that this hosting company is worried about serving the customer well.

Quality assurance

Some website hosting companies offer a money back guarantee. When hiring a plan, the client has a period to evaluate the hosting. If you are not satisfied, you get the money back. This warranty usually ranges from 7 to 97 days.


I hope these tips have helped you to choose the best website hosting! If you still need help, please send us a message or re-visit our website hosting ranking. Suggestions and comments are also welcome!