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7 Essential Web-Marketing WordPress Plugins

Web-marketing WordPress plugins

Web-marketing WordPress plugins. That’s it, you’ve finally created your first WordPress site! You have found the theme you like. You even started writing some blog posts. But here you have the impression that you are missing something to get your business off the ground. And yes, the time when it was enough to create a site to see visitors buy your products per hundred is long gone. Today, the internet has become an extremely competitive space. If you want to promote your offer, then you will have to deploy a real web marketing strategy.And that is wordpress plugins.

15+ Best WordPress Recipe Themes

wordpress recipe themes

A list of the best WordPress recipe themes for websites or recipe blogs to share your passion in an elegant and professional way. Some of these models may also be suitable for a website for a restaurant, a grocery store, a market, a festival on food, beer, wine, etc.
Most of the themes presented were all designed for food or recipe sites, allowing you to publish articles with different features on the topic. These templates also have different premium features as well as a very good documentation allowing you to create a WordPress site in a user-friendly way.
The recipe sites are very popular in 2018.In this list, we have tried to bring together as many different themes as possible with different visual styles and options to help you find your ideal WordPress recipe themes.

Top 10 best CodeCanyon Plugins you must have

best plugins

Top 10 best plugins CodeCanyon. if you’re missing a particular feature on your WordPress site, there is most likely a professional plugin that can do the work for you. One of the nicest things about WordPress is that extensions make your site more complete without having to program or hire a programmer for your specific needs.
Whether for visual adjustments, integrating social network buttons or to enhance the user experience of a Woo Commerce online store, there is a plugin to meet almost any need.
Here is without further delay the list of the 10 most popular plugins and widgets on the famous Code Canyon site of Envato Market.

Best BuddyPress Theme 2018 for WordPress

best buddypress theme

Best BuddyPress Theme for WordPress. BuddyPress is a powerful WordPress plugin used to create a social network on your website. Whether you want to create a social space for friends / family, develop a collaborative platform for your colleagues or customers or to create a community site on a subject that you are passionate about, BuddyPress is a performance solution completely free.
Although several WordPress themes are compatible with the extension, the reality is often that some pages have not been programmed and you will have to do some integration work so that all the pages of the extension respect the general view of your website.
Some of the themes I have in this list have also been designed to integrate with the BBPress online discussion forum tool. Another interesting module to create engagement between your members.

15+ Most Popular WooCommerce Theme 2018

popular woocommerce theme

Most popular Woocommerce Theme. WordPress used in approximately 20% of all websites, WordPress is by far the most popular blog and website builder for many years. And these statistics are increasing day by day!
The WooCommerce extension, used for the creation of online stores, has been downloaded about 7 million times (currently running about 3 million websites) from the WordPress directory. If you'd like to familiarize yourself with the plugin, you can visit the WordPress.org sites   or the WooThemes site   (the company that created WooCommerce) or read my article on  how to create an online store with WooCommerce. After writing this one, I think it was a must! For me to create an article to introduce you to the most popular WooCommerce themes currently on the web.
For this list, I based my selection criteria on:

Paid or Free WordPress: find out which one to choose

Free WordPress

Everyone knows how easy it is to create a website nowadays. Just an idea in the head and a computer (or mobile) with internet to publish a website in minutes. And the best, without spending a penny it is free WordPress.

And that is how many start on the internet. Thanks to free tools like WordPress.com , it allows you to create website and blogs easily and at no cost. And if for some, the site is just a hobby, for others it is profession. At that moment the question arises: when to invest in a paid plan?

If you have or want to have a website or blog in WordPress, this article is for you! In it I will explain all the features of each modality of WordPress.com , so that you can evaluate and decide which one is right for you.

What is WordPress create website with WordPress.com

What is WordPress

What is WordPress :

  • Product: WordPress.com
  • Price: Free with paid options
  • Suitable for: Anyone who wants to create a website or blog, or simple professional, and do not have technical knowledge of design or programming.
  • Overall rating: Very good
  • Summary: The WordPress.com was created for those who want the versatility and robustness of WordPress without dealing with the technical aspects concerning the publication and maintenance of a website, such as hosting, security, backups , and others.


Top 10 Best WooCommerce Plugins for your Website

10 best woocommerce plugins

10 Best WooCommerce Plugins you must have in 2018. With an e-Commerce site active on WordPress, you most likely use a platform like WooCommerce to manage it. This tool is really great and, more importantly, it can be adapted to your needs through one of the existing extensions.

29 Ways to Get Natural Links for Promotions

get natural links

Hello! I am a little impressed by the seminar on contextual advertising, which I will discuss in a future article. Today we will not talk about this. On the agenda is a post on the topic – how to get natural links to your site using these 29 ways.

Many people avoid buying links, considering it an ineffective or expensive way, or a risky job. This article will help you to get natural links without spending a penny.

How to Add Google Forms WordPress

add google forms wordpress

How to Add Google Forms WordPress

Add Google forms WordPress. How to Add Google Forms WordPress Do you want to insert a Google form on the website? Google Form can easily be inserted anywhere on the site. Moreover, this form can be shared with other sites. In this article, I’ll show you how to insert a Google form into a WordPress site.

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