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15 Important Things for Applying Google AdSense Program

google adsense program

Are you ready to Applying for Google AdSense Program? This article is for you. This will takes couple of minutes so stay tight.

What is AdSense and what is it for?

Google AdSense is one of the oldest advertising platforms working under the scheme “pay per click” (Pay Per Click, PPC). In fact, every Google Blogspot user automatically became an AdSense user.

Google AdSense has thousands of satisfied customers. It always pays on time.

15+ Premium Wiki WordPress Themes (Knowledge Base)

Wiki WordPress themes

Wiki WordPress themes is an excellent opportunity to create information pages based on WordPress. Most often this is how to create FAQ pages for convenience site visitors services and online stores , which significantly saves time for both users and site owners, because you do not need to answer the same questions about services, etc.

20+ Best WordPress Chat Plugins (Live Chat)

WordPress chat plugins

For any business, feedback is extremely important that’s why we need WordPress chat plugins . The lack of feedback is like practicing without a theory that is known to be blind. Customer Satisfaction Is the key to success in any business. And how can you better know these needs, if not in personal communication? On the other hand, we have to face critical, sometimes unflattering remarks. But in fact it is also a chance – a chance to become better. You just need to use it right.

10+ Premium Framework WordPress Themes

framework WordPress themes

Recently, the leading developers of framework WordPress themes prefer to allocate a certain set of functions to a separate framework, which is used as a basis for further development. Some developers “hide” this framework in the depths of the topic and most users do not even guess about its existence. Others distinguish it in a separate product, which can be used to build the theme “from scratch .

30+Creative WordPress Portfolio Themes

WordPress portfolio themes

WordPress portfolio themes. Because It is difficult to overestimate the role of the portfolio in the activities of any creative person. His creations, like precious stones, need a mandrel and a spectacular pitch.

In this review, we picked up 30+ wonderful themes for WordPress,used to create a modern, stylish and professional portfolio.

15+ Visual Page Builder WordPress Themes

Page builder wordpress themes

So, you need page builder wordpress themes for your website right? Admittedly, WordPress has gained a considerable share of its popularity thanks to visual page designers (designers with drag-and-drop technology). They simplify the creation of sites and blogs with a unique design and are an ideal solution for a novice web developer.

However, experienced developers are increasingly turning to such editors, as they significantly reduce the development time, practically without affecting the aesthetic appeal of the final result.

Best Free WordPress Social Networking Themes (Free & Paid)

Wordpress social networking themes

Social media is a relatively new type of mass communication. At the same time, each member of this community can flexibly change its role, speaking as an audience, then as an author.Thanks to WordPress social networking themes and its free BuddyPress plugin the creation of its own social network has become a fairly simple task. However, there is one more important detail – the appearance of your network, ease of use and user comfort. Not everyone has the necessary knowledge, skills and just talent to create a unique design for their social network. And here it makes sense to build a design on the basis of a ready-made and well-proven product.

25+ Premium WordPress Fashion Themes

WordPress fashion themes

If you plan to launch a site devoted to the world of fashion, then obviously you want that he would also look fashionable, stylish and modern. In addition, it would be nice if he was flexible in the settings, and not only when creating, but also in further use, because the world of fashion is known to be changeable, and your site must correspond to it.In addition, do not forget about the commercial side of fashion business is profitable and it can be good to earn.Today we present a review  a large selection of WordPress fashion themes. It can be a personal blog about fashion, a boutique or fashion accessories store , a portfolio of a fashion photographer or a modeling agency.

9+ Premium WordPress BuddyPress Themes

WordPress buddyPress themes.

If you are going to create a social network or community then you are in the right place. With WordPress BuddyPress themes, you can create a full-featured social website by invest some money.

Today we will review several WordPress BuddyPress themes . There are no free themes on the list, as premium themes are more modern, more updated and provide technical support.

25+ Best WordPress Parallax Effect Themes

WordPress parallax effect themes

The WordPress parallax effect themes is now in the trend and many developers use it to attract the attention of site visitors. Particularly active WordPress parallax effect themes is used in single-page themes,Because it looks very impressive when scrolling the page . And in general, as practice shows, the use of parallax delays visitor’s attention and leads to a decrease in the failure rate and an increase in the ranking in the results of search queries.

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