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What is WordPress create website with WordPress.com

What is WordPress

What is WordPress :

  • Product: WordPress.com
  • Price: Free with paid options
  • Suitable for: Anyone who wants to create a website or blog, or simple professional, and do not have technical knowledge of design or programming.
  • Overall rating: Very good
  • Summary: The WordPress.com was created for those who want the versatility and robustness of WordPress without dealing with the technical aspects concerning the publication and maintenance of a website, such as hosting, security, backups , and others.


Top 10 Best WooCommerce Plugins for your Website

10 best woocommerce plugins

10 Best WooCommerce Plugins you must have in 2018. With an e-Commerce site active on WordPress, you most likely use a platform like WooCommerce to manage it. This tool is really great and, more importantly, it can be adapted to your needs through one of the existing extensions.

29 Ways to Get Natural Links for Promotions

get natural links

Hello! I am a little impressed by the seminar on contextual advertising, which I will discuss in a future article. Today we will not talk about this. On the agenda is a post on the topic – how to get natural links to your site using these 29 ways.

Many people avoid buying links, considering it an ineffective or expensive way, or a risky job. This article will help you to get natural links without spending a penny.

How to Add Google Forms WordPress

add google forms wordpress

Add Google forms WordPress. Do you want to insert a Google form on the website? Google Form can easily be inserted anywhere on the site. Moreover, this form can be shared with other sites. In this article, I’ll show you how to insert a Google form into a WordPress site.

How to Display Custom User Price WooCommerce


The diversity of businesses that are idealized with the existence of the internet is endless. Therefore, our online systems – whether they are websites or stores, must always be in constant evolution, adapting with the strategies most used at the moment to generate profit.

WooCommerce is a system for virtual stores based on WordPress and with it can be created a lot. Many types of business need to work with different levels of customers and partners. Therefore, displaying price by user type in WooCommerce is great for encouraging people to increase their levels within the business or simply to buy more, gaining greater discounts to their cart.

How to Choose Good Hosting

choose good hosting

‘Choose good hosting’ is very important to everyone who want to create websites. Are you creating a website and now need to choose a good hosting? If you are in doubt about which to hire, rest assured: you are not alone. Many people are faced with this question and are left without knowing where to start. In this article we will explain how to choose good hosting in just 4 steps.

One is related to the hosting company, which needs to offer quality service and always available support. These are the minimum requirements because without them you run the risk of having your site unavailable when you need it most.

Web Hosting – Understand What is Hosting

web hosting

Web Hosting is the most important part of creating a website. In order for a site to be accessible on the internet, it must be available in one place, which in this case we call the server. A server is a computer, similar to what we use at home, but specializes in storing files and making them available for access by other computers.

However, the term web hosting is related to the server that stores and makes available a particular website on the internet.

Unlimited Hosting – Understand the Meaning

unlimited hosting

Unlimited hosting meaning is quite complicated to everyone. It is a subject that raises doubts, and also a lot of controversy. On the one hand, customers confused or disappointed with a hosting that seemed to have no limits. On the other hand, companies need to deal with frustrations and explain that the rules are in the terms of service of the hosting.

Often, that’s where the problem lies: Have you read the terms of service before hiring? In this article we will explain what lies behind the famous unlimited hosting  and how you can take advantage of it by knowing its limitations. Come on?

10 Best WooCommerce Coupon Plugins

best woocommerce coupon plugins

Best WooCommerce Coupon Plugins will boost up your sales. Want to sell more products, profit and still establish a legal relationship with your customers? Offering WooCommerce coupon is always a good idea. After all, who does not like a discount for shopping? This tactic is infallible!

WooCommerce has a very good system for creating, managing and offering discount coupons for your store. However, it is necessary to plan and have creativity for new promotions, approaches and rewards. With that in mind, we at CanalWP have decided to choose very useful plugins that will enrich and give even more options for you to work your discount coupons even more efficiently.

10 Landing Page Plugins for WordPress

Landing Page Plugins

Landing Page Plugins will help you to create an awesome landing page for your WordPress Blog or Website. For those who have a website, blog or virtual store it is very important to carry out campaigns and activities that generate traffic to your sites. Landing pages, commonly known as landing pages, are therefore of great value because they are the first contact the visitor coming from a campaign will have with your business.

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