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WordPress.Com vs WordPress.Org – Which is Better

wordpress com vs org

Every time I talk about website or blog creation, WordPress comes as the main reference. However, a question confuses the minds of many people: should you create a website or blog on WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

As much as both are WordPress, there are differences between the 2 that you must take into account at the time of creating your website or blog . That’s why I wrote this post so you know all of them. Come on?

25 Great Reasons to use WordPress in your Business

Reasons to Use WordPress

Using or not using WordPress is a choice that can determine the potential of your Internet business right from the start . The platform launched in 2003 far surpassed the borders of the blogosphere and is now used not only by bloggers, but also by companies, newspapers and e- commerce sites .

How to Secure WordPress Website

secure WordPress

Secure WordPress Website is the most common question for every wordpress users. WordPress is one of the favorite platforms among website administrators, concentrating no less than 26% of all Internet sites . However, like every big name on the market, so much popularity makes it highly targeted by hackers, so security is the number # 1 concern of its users.

How to Optimize WordPress Website

Optimize WordPress Website

Optimize WordPress Website is the common phrase for every WordPress users. Do you have a blog? Do you like expressing your ideas, generating debates and communicating with people? If you use WordPress as a platform, today we will talk about how to make your blog more attractive. In this article, we’ll show you how to optimize your WordPress themes in your blog by following some tips below. Ready for the tips?

How to Improve WordPress Speed


Improve WordPress Speed is the common question to every WordPress users. Fast loading pages improve the user experience, increase your page views, and help your SEO WordPress. In this article, we’ll share the most useful WordPress speed optimization tips to boost WordPress performance and speed up your site.

How to Install Configure WP Super Cache Plugin


The WP Super Cache is a powerful plugin and comes with many advanced options (as well as basic). These settings can improve and optimize the performance of your website, relieve the resources of your WordPress Hosting and still allows its visitors have a faster experience when browsing your website.

13 Tips to Make an Email Creative, Marketing that Gives Results

email marketing tips
How about using creative elements in your email marketing strategy and increasing the open rate? Learn how!

You may have heard that email marketing has incredible potential: high ROI, low cost, wide membership … In short, the dream of any marketer.

But without a well-designed strategy and an extremely creative message, you will hardly reach the nirvana of this universe.

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