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Best Free WordPress News Site Themes

free WordPress news site themes

Best free WordPress news site themes. Launching a news site is a risky business if there are no significant financial investments in the plans. The probability of success is very small. In our case, we do not place much hope on this startup and before the launch we do not want to spend a lot of time and effort, which would go to creating a unique design, quality layout and promotion. Let’s just say – a project for the soul. The site decided to bet on one of the most popular, and perhaps the most popular, blogging WordPress engine.

Best Free WordPress Business Website Themes

free WordPress business website themes

Free WordPress business website themes. The corporate site serves for active attraction of clients, and also allows to organize work of employees of firm. The main task is to inform the client about the fact,what the company does: whether it’s a product or services. The corporate site , depending on the objectives, may contain the following elements:

15+ Free WordPress Blog Themes

free WordPress blog themes

Free WordPress blog themes in various styles for creating thematic, business, personal, cultural, educational and other blogs. WordPress is a great platform for blog. Under her written a lot of plug-ins that make CMS friendly to search engines . And if the author writes regularly, it is interesting, shares experience, working out and useful information, then no doubts about success. Such a blog will have a large attendance.

Best WordPress Pinterest Plugins

WordPress pinterest plugins

Pinterest – a social network that allows you to share images and videos , placing them on “boards” by interests. Share found on the network with the help of special buttons “Pinterest Bookmarklet” or “Pin It” button, similar to the usual Facebook or Twitter buttons. For this review, we have selected some WordPress pinterest plugins that will allow posting on Pinterest messages, photos or videos. There are pinterest plugin WordPress widgets, buttons, counters, galleries and others.

Best Free WordPress Minimalism Themes

free WordPress minimalism themes

The article presents a selection of free WordPress minimalism themes. The name of the style speaks for itself. The site in this style contains the minimum amount elements of design and vice versa – the most convenient for functional . It’s easy to focus on content , because no extra elements distract from content. Pages look impressive, simple and free. Most often the main color is white with black text, but this is not an obligatory criterion. The collection includes templates that can be used for almost any type of site , such as: a blog (on any subject), a portfolio of photo and web studios, news sites and others.

10+Best WordPress Author Box Plugins

WordPress author box plugins

WordPress author box plugins. Despite the fact that blogs are now not only personal , but also corporate , yet this concept is associated with a specific person (or people), and without the presence of at least brief information about the author , the blog looks lonely. In addition, it should be borne in mind that, in most cases, blogs publish materials reflecting the views or specific experience of a particular person and anonymity does not in any way contribute to the confidence in such information.

Best WordPress Poll Plugins

WordPress poll plugins

Today we want to return to this topic and talk about some  best WordPress poll plugins that will allow you to do this directly on your site. In order to find out the interests and preferences of your readers. Of course, the division is very conditional – and the tools considered earlier and presented in this review can be used for educational or entertainment purposes.

Best Free WordPress News Blog Themes

WordPress news blog themes

A fresh selection of WordPress news blog themes has been collected . News blogs bring good money at the expense of advertising, but there is no need to invest in the creation of the site and its promotion. You can reduce the cost of creating the blog itself, using free WordPress news blog themes, which in many ways are not inferior to paid versions for functionality and design. The created news blog can make a good impression on visitors. This collection includes free adaptive themes, which will allow you to follow the news of the blog from any device. Topics include convenient navigation, useful widgets, ad units, support for various article formats and other features. CMS WordPress supports plugins for SEO optimization, which is a big plus for a news blog.

9+ Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

WordPress notification bar plugins

This WordPress notification bar plugins are an exceptionally effective tool for stimulating the user’s transition to the required page. In addition, they serve to display important information,because they always attract the user’s attention. Some plugins contain forms for data entry and can serve, for example, to organize subscriptions to mailing lists.

Best Free WordPress WooCommerce Themes

free WordPress WooCommerce themes

In this collection we have assembled ready-made free WordPress WooCommerce themes based on WooCommerce plug-in . A few words about WooCommerce . This is a popular plugin for CMS WordPress, allowing you to make a working online store on the site . The plug-in includes the following features: adding new products to the catalog, sorting the goods, calculating the cost of the order, including delivery, editing stock and discounts, rating system of goods, email themes for notification and distribution, and other useful functions.

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